Budweiser Is Looking For The Perfect Burger

Budweiser is known as the King of Beers. Now Budweiser is looking for the king of burgers. Budweiser just announced a national to find the Bud & Burgers Champion. Award-winning culinary pioneer, Chef David Chang will aid Budweiser with a coast-to-coast tour to find the best burger.

The winner of the Bud & Burgers Championship will win $100,000 to support their culinary ambitions. In addition, the winner will be invited to compete in a new cooking competition series, working title “United States of Burgers,” which will premiere on the Esquire Network.

“Both burgers and beer are experiencing a renaissance of sorts.” said Chang, who is well-known for elevating classic dishes, and for his love of lagers. “I love that there’s nothing pretentious about the combination – it just works. A full-flavored lager brings out the taste of a savory burger.”

Beginning today on National Beer Day, which is the official celebration of the repeal of prohibition of beer, burger enthusiasts 21 and older can submit a video or photo on showing their burger and explaining why they should be the 2015 Bud & Burgers Champion.

Semi-finalists will compete head-to-head at 10 nationwide Bud & Burgers Championships events hosted at some of the biggest festivals throughout the summer, including Stagecoach Music Festival, Free Press Summer Fest, Chicago Blues Festival and more. For a complete list of festivals and details on the contest, please visit

The competition will culminate at the finale event hosted by Budweiser and Chef Chang at the Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis on July 11, where the Bud & Burgers Champion will be crowned. Chang will join Budweiser’s brewmasters as a judge at the final event.

Beyond the Bud & Burgers Championships events, fans can follow along and show their support during the program at

For more information and contest rules, please visit and follow them on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BudandBurgers pages.

Reebok Classics Let’s The Ventilator Glo!

In 1990, Reebok released one of their most timeless running designs: the Ventilator. Incorporating Hexalite technology into the shoe to provide greater comfort and better shock absorption, it was the perfect shoe for the faster, lighter runner. The durable lugged outsole was designed to give sure-footed traction for both on and off-road running. The visible archbridge in the middle of the shoe was perfectly placed to offer optimum motion control. And the name Ventilator? That came from the ventilated side panels that allowed cooling and breathability. The shoe was ahead of its time.

Twenty-five years later the shoe is a classic. Still as light as it ever was but now worn for street fashion instead of road running.

Capturing the electric energy found within unforgettable days and even hotter nights, Reebok Classic’s latest iteration of the Ventilator Ventilator Day Glo – puts a bold, neon spin on the classic silhouette.  Fearless and unapologetic, the bright colorways that make up this unique pack are for those not afraid to stand out or stand up.

Find the perfect colorway to complete your spring wardrobe on April 1st for $75 for adults and $65 for kids. Available at Jimmy Jazz, Villa, Shiekh’s and Shoe Palace

Thump Keg Brewing Brings Two New Beers Onto The Market

Thump Keg Brewing Co. debuts its beer line with two beers: the Rye IPA in collaboration with George Dickel Whisky and the Agave Amber Ale in collaboration with Peligroso Tequila. Both the Rye IPA and Agave Amber Ale uses inventive brewing techniques by pairing the same foundation ingredients as its collaboration partner spirits brands. While the Thump Keg line does not contain distilled spirits, Agave Amber Ale and Rye IPA are rich in flavor and complexity, providing a new taste experience for casual beer drinkers and beer enthusiasts alike.

Each kindred brew balances the refreshing-tasting character of a beer with a flavor complexity inspired by brilliantly distilled and carefully selected spirits. The Agave Amber Ale’s adventurous taste comes from the same signature blue agave used in the distillation of the award-winning, super-premium Peligroso Tequila. The Rye IPA receives a similar influence from George Dickel Whisky – the only rye whisky finished the Dickel way: chilled, then charcoal mellowed. The same underlying grains used in the whisky’s distillation are used to create the mash bill for the Rye IPA.

Here is a breakdown of the two beers.


Appearance: Clear, light amber colored ale

Ingredients: Columbus, Cluster, Williamette and Tettnang hops, Rye mash bill

ABV: 5.8% ABV

Format: 6-pack of 12 oz. bottles, 20L Kegs

Serve: Best enjoyed cold and straight from the bottle or served in a 16 oz. glass accompanied by a shot of George Dickel Rye Whisky.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma:  Citrus and floral

Flavor: Subtle spice with bursts of vanilla and smoke capture the essence of George Dickel Rye Whisky, balanced with the citrus and pine notes.

Mouth-feel: Earthy character with bitterness


Appearance: An amber colored ale

Ingredients: Tettnang hops, blue agave

ABV: 6.2% ABV

Format: 6-pack of 12 oz. bottles, 20L Kegs

Serve: Best enjoyed cold and straight from the bottle or served in a 16 oz. glass accompanied by a shot   of Peligroso Tequila.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Floral spice

Flavor: Hints of blue agave and lemon grass capture the essence of Peligroso Tequila, balanced with the toasted malts and subtle hops.

Mouth-feel: Clean bitterness