I’ll Have A Captain And Colaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr

Shiver me timbers! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is tomorrow, September 19th and Captain Morgan Rum Co. is sailing into uncharted waters by challenging adult consumers across the U.S. to channel their inner buccaneer, raise a glass of Captain & Colaaarr and talk like a pirate – all for a good cause.

In addition to raising a glass of Captain & Colaaarr, Captain Morgan is encouraging its convoy of fans to share their celebrations on social media. For every tweet using the #CaptainandColaaarr hashtag, the brand will donate $1 to charitable organizations, including NYC’s City Harvest and Purple Heart Homes. Adult fans can also visit or the brand’s Facebook page to complete the Captain and Colaaarr Challenge and show off their toast.

Captain and Cola

Cola is the perfect accompaniment to Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. Why? Because the mix accentuates the vanilla notes naturally produced during the maturation process to create a LEGENDARY MIX!


1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

6 oz. Cola

1 lime slice


Add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and cola in ice-filled pint glass and garnish with lime.

Apple Watch To Hit Stores Early 2015

Incorporating powerful technologies into something small enough to wear on the wrist presented some very big design challenges. Which led to even bigger creative solutions. Apple Watch combines a series of remarkable feats of engineering into a singular, entirely new experience. One that blurs the boundaries between the physical object and the software that powers it.

The crown has been a standard feature on watches for more than a century. Our new Digital Crown is a multifunctional input device that lets you zoom, scroll, and select without covering the screen. It’s as integral to Apple Watch as the Click Wheel is to iPod. Or the mouse is to Mac. We also built the new Watch OS from the wrist up. The Home screen lets you quickly find your favorite apps. The custom font is easy to read at arm’s length. And the force-sensitive Retina display puts more functionality at your fingertip. Technically speaking, it’s one amazing little device.

High-quality watches have long been defined by their ability to keep unfailingly accurate time, and Apple Watch is no exception. It uses multiple technologies in conjunction with your iPhone to keep time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. And it can automatically adjust to the local time when you travel. Apple Watch also presents time in a more meaningful, personal context by sending you notifications and alerts relevant to your life and schedule.
Messages. Sending and receiving messages is easy with Apple Watch. You can dictate a message or select from preset options — Apple Watch will make suggestions based on the things you write most. Or you can skip words altogether by sharing one of our new animated emojis.
Phone. Use the built-in speaker and microphone for quick chats, or seamlessly transfer calls to your iPhone for longer conversations. You can also transfer calls from Apple Watch to your car’s speakerphone or your Bluetooth headset. And silence incoming calls by covering Apple Watch with your hand.
Mail. When you get mail, Apple Watch alerts you right away. You can read the message, then flag it, mark it as read or unread, or move it to the Trash. Or open the message on your iPhone, where you can type a lengthier response.