There’s just something about hot chicks with three names. It’s like they know that two names just won’t cut it. They wanna leave that additional, lasting impression by throwing an extra one in there. It makes ‘em more memorable, more distinct. It’s like a badge of honor, and it’s a pretty elite club.

At MANjr, we want to salute those select few beauties who refuse to be held back by the burden of two names. We included some babes who are clearly passed their prime, but these are ladies that still deserve recognition for trailblazing three-name hotness. We threw some divorcees in the mix as well, because some of these hotties still rocked the triple-name status well, even it was temporary. Here’s a look at the 33 hottest chicks with three names.

33. Olivia Newton-John

About three decades and five surgeries ago, Olivia Newton-John was super hot.

32. Jamie Lee Curtis

From Halloween to True Lies, JLC was fine. Now she pushes yogurt and looks like a granny, but she had a solid run there for like 20 years.

31. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

She was hot as hell in Scarface, The Abyss and even Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. By The Perfect Strom, her time had passed.

30. Penelope Ann Miller

She was stunning in Big Top Pee Wee, Kindergarten Cop and Chaplin. And who could forget her head-turning performance in The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag.

29. Kristin Scott Thomas

She’s all old and fuddy duddy now, but she was pretty smokin’ in The English Patient.

28. Carrie-Anne Moss

She looks like she could kick our ass, but we’ll take the beating.

27. Courtney Thorne-Smith

With long runs on Melrose Place and Ally McBeal, Courtney Thorne-Smith was a fixture on Fox in the 90s. Extra bonus points if you loved her in Side Out.

26. Lara Flynn Boyle

Man this chick cut herself up something crazy, but she was quite the looker back in the day. Even before Wayne’s World, she was cute as a button in the 1989 flick How I Got Into College.

25. Joey Lauren Adams

Maybe it was that voice or her goofy smile, but the chick who starred in all those Kevin Smith movies and made Bud Bundy a man was on fire in the 90s.

24. Helena Bonham Carter

She’s got a monopoly on freaky-hot. When Hollywood needs to cast a looker with a screw loose, HBC’s gotta be high on the list.

23. Jada Pinkett Smith

It’s not her fault that she produces kids that can’t act.

22. Holly Marie Combs

She was the least hottest chick on Charmed, but hey, she’s got three names.

21. Bryce Dallas Howard

M. Night Shyamalan’s red-headed muse gets style points for having Fonzie as her Godfather.

20. Soleil Moon Frye

Punky Brewster’s all grown up now. Wonder what she woulda looked like if she didn’t get a breast reduction as a teenager.

19. Mary Elizabeth-Winstead

She made it on our cleavage list, and this indie chick is knocking on the door of three-name superstardom.

18. Robin Wright Penn

She always seems to be a bit annoyed, distracted or bitter about something, but there’s no denying that Princess Buttercup belongs on the list. She’s no longer has Spicoli’s name, but she was married to the guy for 14 years.

17. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Dude, Elaine’s pretty hot, huh? She must have gotten some work done, but she’s aged pretty damn well. The curly hair is gone and the gorgeous smile is still there. She’s one sexy 50 year old.

16. Evan Rachel Wood

The actress and singer has been in sho biz since she was seven years old. She was in a three-year relationship with Marilyn Manson, but it looks like she got out okay.

15. Anna Nicole Smith

We’re talking Guess Jeans era here, not the reality TV train wreck.

14. Courtney Cox Arquette

Father time is catching up to Courtney, but she doesn’t look that bad for being four years removed from 50. She may not be an Arquette anymore, but she can hold her own just find without that joker’s name.

13. Sarah Michelle Gellar

She was awesome in Cruel Intentions and she has a black belt in taekwondo.

12. Pamela Anderson Lee

The years haven’t been kind to Pam, but there was a time when she was pretty friggin’ hot. We’re not sure if she’s a Lee anymore or not, but her most recognized on-screen performance took place when she was sporting three names.

11. Gena Lee Nolin

Pamela Anderson got all the attention, but fellow Baywatch babe Gena Lee Nolin was no slouch either.

10. Mary-Louise Parker

Who wouldn’t love to share a spliff with this MILF?

9. Eva Longoria Parker

She’s a Parker no more, but she wore her three names well.

8. Ana Beatriz Barros

They just make ‘em better in Brazil.

7. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Move aside Megan Fox, Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington Whiteley is taking over as the main squeeze in the Transformers franchise. She worked with Michael Bay on a Victoria’s Secret commercial and is set to make her debut in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

6. Jamie Lynn Sigler

We’ll never get what she saw in Turtle, but my goodness, three name babes don’t get much better than this.

5. Rachael Leigh Cook

Can’t remember the last time we saw her in anything, but after she took off those classes in She’s All That, there was no turning back. She’s a top 5 selection for sure.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones

Okay, so maybe she’s a bit past her prime, but do you remember how hot this chick was when The Mask of Zorro came out? She defines the three-name mystique. We don’t remember a goddamn thing about Entrapment, but there was definitely skintight suits, lasers and a very memorable butt.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt

JLH was a top 15 selection in our Best Cleavage 2011 – The Top 100 post, and she just can’t be contained. Third place in the three-name championship is nothing to be ashamed about.

2. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Kelly Kapowski never lost it. Even during that dark, 22-episode period from 2002-2003 where she was sharing the small screen with Bellamy and Facinelli in Fastlane, she still had it going on. She can try to remove the Amber all she wants, but she can’t avoid her silver medal inclusion in the list of hottest chicks with three names.

1. Rebecca Romijn Stamos

We know, we know. Rebecca rinsed off the Stamos a long time ago, but she’ll always be on top of the three-name charts in our hearts.

Honorable Mention

  • Mary Tyler Moore
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Rae Dawn Chong
  • Maria Conchita Alonso
  • Mary Stewart Masterson
  • Misty May Treanor
  • Heather Paige Kent
  • Roxann Biggs-Dawson
  • Lisa Hartman Black
  • Holly Robinson Peete
  • Lesley Ann Warren
  • Natasha Gregson Wagner
  • Keisha Knight-Pulliam
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno

Dishonorable Mention

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