Skittles Punks Trey Wingo

Mark Schlereth hits Trey Wingo right between the numbers with a surprise Skittles shower from #TeamSkittles

Bourbon Is The Key For Republican and Democratic Unity

During Wednesday’s White House news conference, President Obama said he would “enjoy having some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch McConnell” to discuss ways the two could work together following Midterm Elections. The Republican senator from Kentucky to be Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell has a well-known love for bourbon. However, Obama added that he doesn’t know what McConnell’s preferred drink is… so we thought we would help him out with a few possible options below!

Regardless of their political leanings, it’s nice to know we can all agree on one thing – Bourbon.  Is.  Delicious.



1.3 oz Bulleit Bourbon

1 dash Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Bitters

0.25 oz Cherry Liqueur

0.5 oz Simple syrup

2 orange slices

2 cherries

Preparation: Muddle a cherry and orange slice with the syrup and liqueur and the dash of bitters in a bar mixing glass. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass. Add the Bulleit Rye and ice and stir garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

Why: While Obama and McConnell try to work together for a better future, we suggest they sit back and sip an Old Fashioned.  One of the most historic cocktails in our country’s history, it’s enjoyed one of the longest terms around.



1.3 oz. Bulleit Bourbon

1 tsp. cane syrup

1 lemon disc (pinched)

Preparation: Build in a rocks glass, swizzle with a small amount of crushed ice, then add 1 cube. No garnish.

Why: An easy-to-make cocktail featuring Bulleit Bourbon would serve as a nice reminder that sometimes simple answers are the best ones.



1.3 oz. Orphan Barrel Rhetoric Bourbon Whiskey

2 cubes of ice

Why: Both politicians are extremely smart gentlemen.  However, as with all politics, argumentation and Rhetoric will ultimately rule the roost.



1.3 oz. Orphan Barrel Barterhouse Bourbon Whiskey

2 cubes of ice

Why: Many Americans remain frustrated the two sides can’t work together to create solutions that appeal to a wider audience.  Surely a sip or two of Barterhouse will help them navigate the give-and-take process a bit more fluidly.

Get To Know Your Car With BlueDriver

For those of us who have a mechanic that they can trust it gives you one less thing to worry about. For others who don’t have one that they can trust, it can make going to the car shop a living nightmare. If you are looking for some peace of mind the next time you hear something off about your car you should get BlueDriver from Lemur Monitors.

BlueDriver allows users to wirelessly read and clear diagnostic trouble codes without having to spend money at the mechanic. (AWESOME!) You just need to download the free BlueDriver app and plug in the BlueDriver. It is that simple. It generates vehicle specific information such as code definition, possible causes and repair recommendations. Know you are going to a repair shop with some knowledge. That will definitely give you some peace of mind.

You can check for whether or not your vehicle is ready for local emissions test and BlueDriver is the first line of defense for today’s mechanic and is an affordable diagnostic tool for that fits in your pocket. It works with all makes and models (sold in U.S. and Canada) that are 1996 or newer. It pairs via Bluetooth with Apple devices (running iOS 7.0+) and Android devices (running Android 4.0+).

Sound like something you would want? Well go to the Lemur Monitors website for more info and to purchase the BlueDriver. Your wallet and brain will thank you!