A Fantastic Weekend In Sports Calls For Epic Cocktails

This upcoming weekend is going to be insane in the world of sports. What are you looking forward to the most to watch? Is it the Mayweather-Pacquiao “Fight of the Century,” the Kentucky Derby or is there a NHL or NBA playoff game you want to watch? Heck even Chelsea is set to square off against Manchester City or Tottenham for their fourth straight title. Did I mention that the Yankees are playing the Red Sox? Plus we have the NFL draft starting this Thursday.

With all of these games and sporting events you will definitely be celebrating at home or at a bar. Now the only thing you need is a cocktail to match up with the epic weekend.  Here is a list of a few great tasting drinks for you to enjoy responsibly while taking in the fight, the NFL draft, playoff games and derby! We even have a video for you to learn how to do the Peli Rita Back Shot.

The Peli Rita Back Shot

1oz. chilled Peligroso® Silver tequila in a shot glass

1oz. chilled margarita mix in a shot glass (mix = .5 oz orange liquer, .5 oz fresh lime juice)

Take the shot of Peligroso® Silver Tequila. Follow with the shot of fresh margarita mix.

The Loconut

1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Coconut Rum

Pineapple juice to top

Build in a tall glass combining all ingredients over ice.  Top with a grapefruit slice for an extra tropical feel!

Crownberry Apple

1.5oz. Crown Royal Regal Apple

4oz. Cranberry Juice

Serve in a rocks glass over ice and garnish with apple wedge.

Saurin Choksi & Grace Parra Chat About White Guy Talk Show

Ever seem to notice that all the late night talk shows are hosted by white guys? Two people have. Saurin   Choksi and Grace Parra host “The White Guy Talk Show” on the Fuse Network. They are looking to shake things up in the talk show world. They are looking to chat with guests from all over. They love to get a new perspective on things. That is why they interview a variety of guests all with different interests.

With a diverse cast and writing staff, White Guy Talk Show celebrates the things we love about music, movies, social media, celebrity and tech news, but from a point of view that’s 100% unique to the talk show world: a younger, multicultural and millennial point of view. The half-hour daily show catches angles other shows miss, makes jokes other shows can’t and asks celeb guests the questions no one else asks.

We got a chance to talk with Choksi and Grace about the show, building chemistry, and why a person’s Twitter followers don’t matter. Don’t miss White Guy Talk Show weeknights at 11:30/10:30 on the Fuse Network.

You can listen to the interview HERE.