You Can Finally Get Your Fantasy Football Commissioner Of The Year Ring

You already knew that you were the best fantasy football commissioner. Now you get to tell the world. How do you ask? Pizza Hut and ESPN got you covered. Pizza Hut has signed on as an Official Sponsor of ESPN Fantasy Football, and is celebrating fantasy football commissioners with this ring.

Each week this season, Pizza Hut will recognize one deserving ESPN Fantasy Football League commissioner with the Pizza Hut Commissioner of the Week Award, which includes a variety of Pizza Hut and ESPN prizes.

Then, at the end of the season, Pizza Hut will name its Commissioner of the Year, who will receive a custom Jostens-designed ruby and diamond-encrusted commemorative ring valued at an estimated $10,000. The winner will also receive a year’s worth of pizza, an epic trip to ESPN HQ and more.

To sign up for the ESPN Fantasy Football League, visit

How To Make Political Debates Better

One step is all you need. It is having the people over at Bad Lip Reading poke fun at the possible candidates. Bad Lip Reading has a huge following on YouTube ever since people saw how they would dub new audio over sports and movie clips. Granted Donald Trump alone makes the debates funny, but this video multiplies the laughter.

This video is five minutes long. It was uploaded this past Wednesday and has already gotten over 2 million views.

Upgrade Your iPhone Anytime You Want

Sounds to be good to be true right? Well it is the truth. You can get a new and upgrade eligible iPhone for just $22 per month if you are a Sprint customer. The program is called the iPhone Forever plan. Anytime you don’t have the latest iPhone, you are eligible to upgrade. All you need to do is bring your iPhone and upgrade on the spot. It is that easy. The iPhone Forever plan is available on any eligible Sprint rate plan and upgrade eligibility is always included in your price. You can get a 16GB iPhone 6 model at Sprint branded retail stores,, 1-800-Sprint-1, Best Buy and Target.

Through Dec. 31, 2015, customers on any other carrier or existing Sprint customers who are upgrade eligible and turn-in any smartphone will get a promotional rate of just $15 per month on a new iPhone. When they upgrade to the latest iPhone after Dec. 31, their monthly lease rate returns to current lease pricing, $22 per month.

Whether you are a new or existing customers who are upgrade eligible you can bring in any smartphone and get a 16GB iPhone 6 model and their monthly rate will be reduced to just $15 until their next upgrade. As a special promotion, customers who get iPhone 6 and upgrade before Dec. 31 continue with the discount price of $15 until their next upgrade.

“We asked ourselves, ‘What could we do that would move our customers forward with the latest and greatest technology every day?’ said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. “We decided: How awesome would it be if anytime customers don’t have the latest iPhone, they are eligible to upgrade, and have it be as simple as handing us your existing iPhone and picking up a new one – all included in your monthly rate.”