BJ Mendelson’s New Book Looks At Your Privacy In The Internet Age

Every wonder how much of your life can be found on the web? Auth B.J. Mendelson does just that in his latest book called Privacy: And How to Get It Back

In this forceful short book, technology guru and author of the best-selling Social Media is Bull (St. Martins Press) B.J. Mendelson exposes the crude reality behind the smiley face of internet networking: data trading. We are all auctioning our personal information, the book argues, to the highest bidder.

Mendelson discusses the end of privacy from a contemporary perspective, including chapters on Metadata and its uses, Data auctions, The Internet of Things, The use of social media for surveillance and suppression, Just how safe is Cloud technology, The Big Business of Big Data, Anonymous and web activism, The internet’s dark side: Silk Road, hacking, extortion and EFF and other bodies promoting internet user rights.

When we talk about the so-called ‘end of privacy’, we conjure up images of state-run agencies secretly monitoring and recording our every move. Whilst this is the case, the true perpetrator in this permeating culture of intrusion is not a third party; its our very selves. We willingly broadcast every moment of our lives in exchange for a moment’s worth of virtual attention. Mendelson, artfully and through personal narratives and journalism, tells the story of how we have undermined one of our greatest societal assets.

If you are interested in picking up the book click here!

Converse Gets Connected With Vince Staples

Convese teams up with Vince Staples. Vince is not afraid to share his opinion. And it’s his delivery that is known to start a conversation. The 24-year-old Long Beach native melds thoughtful social commentary into subversive raps dropped over house beats. This unique approach has left him outside of the parameters that traditionally classify many rappers.

It’s the intrigue around him as an individual — his demeanor, his unassuming style — that made his Big Fish Theory one the most discussed albums of 2017. It’s his undeniable talent and storytelling ability that made it one of the top recordings of the last year.

On January 25, Converse and Vince Staples celebrate Big Fish Theory in the first collaborative capsule collection between the brand and artist, applying the album’s motifs onto Chuck 70 sneakers and Converse Essentials apparel.

Staples, a long-standing Converse collaborator, sought creative ways of interpreting Big Fish Theory into wearable merchandise. Having grown up with the influence of west coast culture and wearing Converse Chuck Taylors, the silhouette maintains its relevance with Staples, who bought his first pair to go with his school uniform at a swap meet.

The collection’s key colorway, orange, is a nod to the goldfish on his album cover. This bright color contrasts the collection’s darker tones to make for highly visible gear. Both the Hi and Ox Chuck 70s are built with an aquarium sockliner, Big Fish Theory graphic outsole and “Vince Staples” embroidered on the medial collar. The Chuck 70 Hi boasts a “Big Fish” screen print in orange that stands out against the sneaker’s black tongue.

“The story of the Chuck Taylor is accessibility and culture,” notes Staples.

A common design element throughout the collection is the “SEA” graphic, a tribute to Staples’ signature brand and successful Beats 1 podcast, Section Eight Arthouse Broadcast System. The “SEA” of the Chuck 70s is 3D printed onto the heel with the “A” placed to cross with the heel stay and transfer onto the foxing tape. On the Essentials hoodie, the “SEA” graphic is centered on the back, making a bold statement against the 360 Legacy French Terry.

The Converse x Vince Staples collection is available January 25 on and at select retailers.

Jordan Brand Looks To Release The Air Jordan XVIII

There are OG classics and then there are OG classics! On January 22nd you can pick up the last show that Michael Jordan played in.

On April 16, 2003, MJ took his final bow. And wearing Air Jordan XVIIIs, he went out in style. Like several models before it, the shoe took Italian design and sports cars as its muses. It had royalty at its core, with exquisite craftsmanship and tasteful colorways. This super-clean pairing of white and Sport Royal was one of them.

This is definitely a classic! Are you picking a pair up on Monday?

MTN DEW Releases A New Flavor This Year

Anyone thirsty for something new? There are those that live life all out, but even those go-getters sometimes need a refreshing break from the daily grind. But visionaries don’t rest – they thirst for a refreshing beverage that lightens their step and heightens their taste buds with a thirst-quenching burst of flavor. They desire a chill with a charge, a lightness that is bold and lemon-lime flavor so crisp it lights their fires and sharpens their swagger. So do-ers can refresh, recharge and get back to what they are doing.

Introducing new MTN DEW ICE. It’s a clear, citrus-forward DEW made with a mouth-watering blend of lemon and lime flavors to excite your senses. Made with a splash of real juice, MTN DEW ICETM is charged with all of the right ingredients to keep you invigorated throughout your day.

Reebok Introduces Their Flexweave Line

There is some exciting news coming out of Reebok today. They have partnered with some of the most creative and innovative minds in the world to create a custom collection of fitness prototypes showcasing the power of Flexweave; the brand’s latest footwear innovation launching in Spring 2018.

In partnership with Joe Doucet x Partners (USA),  Modla (ENG) and Odd Matter (AN), the global fitness brand explored the potential of Flexweave. Flexweave boasts an open figure-8 construction that interlocks unlimited strands of fibers to create a single surface construction that is as strong as it is light. All designers worked with the version of the textile that will appear in the first-generation of Reebok Flexweave footwear, launching in 2018, made from chenille yarn.

Each designer was briefed to explore Flexweave’s limitless potential to create a unique product linking form and function, creating an aesthetic product utilizing the benefits of Flexweave whilst serving a fitness purpose.

Reebok Flexweave prototype collection includes a pair of cutting-edge running gloves (Joe Doucet x Partners), a 3D printed altitude training mask(Modla) and a collection of light-weight, active sitting chairs (Odd Matter). Flexweave was developed by the Reebok Innovation Collective; a division championing the open-sourced pursuit of progression via innovation and partnerships that aims to push the boundaries of invention.

All prototypes can be viewed right now at

Nike Releases The Air Jordan XXXII MVP Edition

In 1988, MJ earned his first league MVP honors. That same year, the Air Jordan III turned in its MVP colorway in the unforgettable combination of Black & Cement Grey. The latest Air Jordan XXXII takes its inspiration from that chart-topping design. It sports black, white and red on the upper and includes the must-have elephant print on the heel piece. An “M.V.P” tag on the inside tongue throws a salute to ‘88 – a glorious year for both the man and the brand.

The show is on sale this Saturday at 10:00 AM EST via the SNKRS app or where Jordan Brand is sold.

Zach Bitter Talks Running, New Years Resolutions & More

I chat with Zach Bitter, who is an ultra-marathoner and holder of the 12-Hour World Record and 100 Mile American Record with a time of 11:40:55 – 7:01 per mile. Zach fuels his body for these 100-mile races in what most would consider an unorthodox manner, as he follows a low carb, high fat diet throughout training and race day – debunking the myth that one needs to carbo-load before race day.

After having health problems that threatened his running career, he began working with leading low carb researcher, Dr. Jeff Volek of The Ohio State University, to develop a nutrition plan which has proven effective over the past 5 years.

Zach chats with me about getting goals set up for the new year, how he got into running, and how he has recently partnered with Atkins to help with his training.

For more on Zach go to his website at

Hawaii Looks Good This Time Of Year

Looking for a great vacation this holiday season? How about Hawaii? Airbnb, a people-powered platform that brings together where you stay, what you do and the people you meet all into one place, is excited to announce the launch of experiences in Hawaii,  the latest market to join the ranks of other global Airbnb Trips destinations, including New York, London, Rome, Paris, and Tokyo. Starting today, visitors and locals alike can book over 100 experiences across the islands, offering travelers the opportunity to explore the people and places that make Hawaii a truly unique and special place.

As part of a poll on Hawaii travel conducted by Airbnb and SurveyMonkey*,  it was revealed that while taking in Hawaii’s natural beauty is a must do (88%) when visiting,  two-thirds (67%) of Americans want to experience the islands and all it has to offer through the curated lens of local expert. Three in five (57%) surveyed said they want to experience a side of a destination they couldn’t see from typical tourist districts and attractions.

From learning the ancient art of hula and chants with a revered Kumu to setting sail aboard a handbuilt traditional outrigger canoe with a local waterman, Airbnb experiences allow visitors to immerse themselves and celebrate the uniqueness of Hawaii’s history and culture.

Nike Releases Ugly Sweater Dunks

If you are looking for kicks to match or not match your ugly Christmas sweater then you should see what Nike released this month. Nike SB and Concepts are no stranger to collaboration. Among all the work put out together, 2013 saw Concepts bring to life the debut ugly sweater-inspired Dunk in two fitting colorways. Continuing their storytelling expertise, Concepts now lights up the holiday season once again. The new SB Dunk keeps with tradition in a design featuring festive detailing and a printed sockliner for Concepts’ latest iteration of the ugly sweater-inspired theme.

Bulleit Bourbon Has Three Recipes That Will Keep You Warm This Winter

As the winter season approaches we are looking for all the way to keep ourselves warm. Bulleit Frontier Whiskey and Portland based, Smith Teamaker have three great recipes for you to enjoy a nice warm beverage. The two companies have partnered this season for a creative spin on the classic hot toddy, the unofficial drink of winter festivities.

You can use Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye this winter and you can even be ready for at holiday gatherings with these recipes. You can also use these recipes for National Hot Toddy Day on January 11th. As always please enjoy responsibly this winter as you sip on the recipes below.

Hot for Rye Toddy

Place 1 Smith Teamaker Red Nectar sachet in a cup or mug

Add boiling water, leaving room for the whiskey

Steep 5 min

Add 1 1/4 oz. Bulleit Rye

Remove tea sachet

Recommended twists or additions:

Add orange peel

Add 1-2 cloves

Add 1 cinnamon stick

Add 1 tablespoon raw honey

Garnish with lemon wedge

Tasting Notes from Tony Tellin, Smith Head Teamaker: The wood and fruit top notes and creamy center of the tea complement the vanilla and oak character of Bulleit Rye. The orange peel adds citrus, building on the mulled spices and natural spice elements of Bulleit Rye. Rooibos and Honeybush herbal infusions are both grown and sourced from South Africa. This is a comforting Hot Toddy best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire.

Kentucky Meadow Hot Toddy

Place 1 Smith Teamaker Meadow sachet in a cup or mug

Add boiling water, leaving room for the whiskey

Steep 5 min

Add 1 1/4 oz. Bulleit Bourbon

Remove sachet

Recommended twists or additions:

Add green apple peel

Add cinnamon stick

Add 1 tablespoon raw honey or maple syrup

Garnish with apple wedge

Shave nutmeg on top of final beverage

Tasting Notes from Tony Tellin, Smith Head Teamaker: This cocktail has flavor profiles of maple and apple, a perfect pair for colder weather. The chamomile in our Meadow tea pairs well with apple and has a floral, woody character. Adding green apple skin adds tannin, acidity and further drives apple top notes and  flavor. Together cinnamon and nutmeg create a mulled spice and apple pie like spice complexity.

Winter on the Frontier Toddy

Place 1 Smith Teamaker Lord Bergamot sachet in a cup or mug

Add boiling water leaving room for the whiskey

Steep 5 min

Add 1 1/4 oz. Bulleit Rye

Remove sachet

Recommended twists or additions:

Add lemon peel

Add French lavender

Add pink peppercorns

Garnish with lemon

Tasting Notes from Tony Tellin, Smith Head Teamaker:  Bergamot is known for its citrus and floral notes. Adding lavender and lemon peel is my favorite way to enjoy this Hot Toddy. I get a lot of vanilla from Bulleit Rye, making a drink that’s a little floral, but not too sweet.