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Going to the Vans Warped Tour? Don’t forget to get your Wicked Audio Swag Bag

Wicked Audio, manufacturers of stylish headphones for the rocker in all of us, recently teamed up with ZING Revolution and Virtual Piggy as official sponsors for Vans Warped Tour this summer.

In its 19th year, Vans Warped Tour is once again journeying through the United States and Europe as the top alternative rock tour in America. Big names at this year’s show include Hawthorne Heights, Forever the Sickest Kids and Motion City Soundtrack. Tickets are available now on Live Nation.

You can find Wicked Audio’s edgy audio line at the ZING Revolution tent. From in-ear buds to over-ear headphones, concertgoers can purchase Wicked Audio’s collection of high quality headphones that won’t compromise your individual rocker style. With options like Wicked Audio’s Heist, Metallic, Mojo and Wicked headphones, everyone will find their perfect pair.

ZING Revolution is also offering its wide selection of eDevice skins as the official vinyl skin distributor for the Warped Tour. ZING Revolution is a leading provider in pop culture and personalized cases and skins for electronic devices. Virtual Piggy, a website that teaches kids the responsibility of online spending through parental supervision, will also be at ZING Revolution’s tent.

Check out Wicked Audio, ZING Revolution and Virtual Piggy at the ZING Revolution tent when Vans Warped Tour stops by your town from June 15th to August 4th.

If you can’t make it to Vans Warped Tour this year, you can check out Wicked Audio’s collection of headphones at

5 Tech Savvy Gadgets/Apps to upgrade your toys

Here are few sweet upgrades that you can add to your smartphone or tablet. They are a handful of apps and gadgets that will turn your device into even more of a Swiss army knife.

RunPee App

The first one is called the RunPee app. This app is always being updated each day when movies are released. This app notifies you with the best time to run and pee during your favorite movies without missing anything important. After you chug the 3 gallon soda that is considered a small at the theaters, you will need to know when the optimal time to go to the bathroom will be.

The RunPee app also helps you know if there is anything extra after the end credits and even gives you a synopsis of the first 3 minutes of a movie in case you’re running late. There a feature that has a timer that will vibrate your phone before each peetime. This allows you to use the app to watch a movie and not bother people around you in the theatre. It runs on iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.

Outdoor Tech: DJ Slims

Outdoor Tech made wireless headphones with a built-in microphone for hands-free call availability. The DJ Slims are very light and have a low profile. I used these gems while I was running and they stayed in place. I loved the fact that these headphones were wireless so I didn’t have to worry about wires getting in my way while I was working out.

The DJ Slims wirelessly connect with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. The headphones connected easily to my iPhone after I had the initially charged the DJ Slims. Speaking of charging the headphones, the battery life goes for nine hours and had a range of 30 feet. There is also a built-in microphone that allows you to make and receive hands-free calls from anywhere, any time. These sell for around $64 and you can get them at

Carbon Audio LLC: Zooka

Carbon Audio created the Zooka. No it is not a new dance move or a character in “The Hobbit” films. The Zooka is a Red Dot Award winning design and top-selling wireless Bluetooth speaker. Zooka is a wireless speaker designed to be as mobile as your media. With a 30-foot Bluetooth range, multiple vibrant colors, and a low price point there are more than a few reasons for you to listen “LOUDERER” with Zooka. So whether its movies, music or a video of a toy monkey playing the drums, you can be sure you’ll hear it louder.

It has a built-in microphone that enhances the use of Skype and FaceTime, and is perfect for incoming and outgoing phone calls. The Zooka slides onto the edge of your laptop giving you portability without inhibiting the use of the camera. It also has a kickstand that can be added to the iPad to create a perfect viewing angle.

Outdoor Tech: Turtle Shell

Outdoor Tech has made it on the list for a second time with the Turtle Shell. This portable speaker is a water and dust resistant Bluetooth do-anything, go-anywhere Hi-Fi boom box. It features an angular, triangle-themed construction that fits in as well in the house as it does the outdoors.  The Turtle Shell has a rubber-coated shell to keep out dust and absorb substantial impacts. Just like the DJ Slims, the Turtle Shell wirelessly connects with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device and streams crystal clear audio up to 30 feet for up to 9 hours.

Geneva: WorldRadio

Geneva takes a contemporary take on the classic radio receiver combined with Bluetooth technology and HiFi sound. The WorldRadio receives all available radio stations using the broadcasting technologies of FM, long and short wave radio of a forgotten era. It also features a powerful audio system, digital color display with touch controls, digital FM tuner, Bluetooth receiver, and alarm clock.

The WorldRadio has a high-performance amplifier and full-range loudspeaker play mid and high frequencies with absolute accuracy, and produce warm, rich bass below 80Hz. It can receive both FM and digital (DAB+ version, Europe only) radio stations, and can wirelessly stream Internet radio stations from any Bluetooth-enabled device.