Sausage Links

The 10 greatest fat-ass athletes of all time (Maxim)

Safe for work topless photo of Russian spy Anna Chapman? Da. (Current)

The 7 worst things about summer (Guyism)

King James got on the Twitter today (Mankind Unplugged)

Oh yes, there’s more Larissa Riquelme World Cup Photos. Paraguay is gone but Larissa lives on! (Dave & Thomas)

50 photos of toys and memories from your childhood (theChive)

The 20 worst contracts in sports history (Bleacher Report)

Guide to paying on the first date (COED Magazine)

How to Make a Gamer Very Happy

How Google Works (Infographic)

How Does Google Work?

Infographic by PPC Blog

Economic and Sales Productivity Tanks During the World Cup (Infographic)

The World Cup crushed Internet bandwidth and overall interest in work (via Mashable):

Schweinsteiger and Maradona Talkin Smack

It’s almost better without subtitles…

Laundry Instructions to Live By

Mike Tyson’s Birthday Links!

It’s fuggin Mike Tyson’s birthday! Hit the guy up on Twitter! He got like 20,000 followers today! (@MikeTyson)

5 hip hop knockout  videos – Suge Knight, Charles Hamilton, Pitbull, E-N-J vs. Nliks and Lil B (XXLMag)

Pacquiao-Mayweather agree to terms on fight (Sports Illustrated)

UFC says no vuvuzelas at UFC 116 (WrestlingProNews)

And here’s some memorable Tyson clips…