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The Decline of the British Empire

Some stuff to keep in mind for the U.S. vs. England match tomorrow (Source: – thanks @wabten!)….

Watch 2010 World Cup Online – Live Streaming Options

Some of you have jobs and just can’t afford to wake up at 4am and watch three straight World Cup matches while getting drunk on the couch. That’s understandable. The World Cup comes around every four years, but the tournament only lasts a month. By mid-July, you’ll still need a source of income to pay for things like rent, food and bar tabs. So it’s probably a good idea not to quit your job.

If you’re stuck in the office, and you’re looking for ways to watch the 2010 World Cup online, here are some online streaming options that you should check out:

ESPNsoccernet is streaming the games live on the Net. Just go to the ESPNsoccernet homepage and click ‘Watch’ on the top navigation menu.

ESPN3 is also streaming all the games.

Univision is in Spanish, but good alternative if ESPN3 is blocked at your work. has a bunch of channels and we hear that you can catch the matches there.

CBC Sports is Canada’s national public broadcaster. They’ll be streaming all month long.

BBC Sports will stream all BBC matches live. Haven’t tried but heard it works,is a U.K. network. They’ll broadcast any matches that they carry.

Here’s the World Cup Schedule if you haven’t tacked it up in your cube yet.

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2010 World Cup Betting Odds – Group Stage Matches

Oh ma gad, dude – the World Cup starts tomorrow!

Set your alarms and put the beer in the fridge, the World Cup starts tomorrow! It’s the most anticipated sporting event in the history of your life! Well, until 2014 at least. Anyway, are you ready? Have you accrued enough sick/vacation days at work? Did you stockpile enough booze and snacks to get you through the next month? Did you set your DVR just in case your sorry ass hits the snooze button?

And most importantly, did you place your bets yet?

Here are the latest odds from for every match in the Group Stage:

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Austrian Commercial Featuring Zidane-Style Head Butt Gets Banned

Just when you thought everyone forgot about Austria, they go and do something like this. This tame, 20-second commercial features a female office worker who busts a Zidane-style headbutt on a co-worker. The Austrians don’t like it because they say it promotes violence. Whatever. Take a look for yourself. Doesn’t seem that bad, right?

Thanks Deadspin!