Titan Body Wash

For athletes that train hard and push their workouts to the limit there is a body wash for you. It is called Titan Body Wash. Titan is an organic formula that is designed to give you ultimate protection against skin infections. Their proprietary blend acts as an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal shampoo/body wash to reduce the risk of contracting common skin infections associated with athletics such as ring worm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, staph infections and more.

Whether you compete in MMA, wrestling, hockey, football, train in Cross fit, do yoga or just enjoy going to the gym, Titan Post Battle Products could be perfect for you. For those who have been in a gym at least more than once know that you cannot control how clean your environment is, but you can make sure you are clear of the risk of infection afterwards.

Besides their body wash they also have an equipment spray. The spray is designed to protect athletes from growths occurring on or in their equipment. Titan spray not only reduces the risk of contracting common skin infections from their environment but it also deodorizes. Designed to be used on football, hockey and lacrosse equipment as well as pads and apparatus used in wrestling, MMA, and gymnastics.

There are some pro MMA athletes that use Titan products. Dennis Bermudez and Chris Weidman are fans of Titan’s products. If you look on their site you will see that they are working on a laundry detergent and body wipes.

So if your body wash is not cutting it, you might want to try Titan!