Dana White Guarantees Chuck Liddell’s UFC Career Is Over

After UFC 115, Dana White made it clear that the Iceman is done. In this solid interview from Fanhouse’s Ariel Helwani, Dana talks about Chuck being finished for a second time, Pat Barry’s man crush on Mirko Crocop, his frustrations on having no control over terrible officiating, Strikeforce still being minor league, and James Toney/Jake Shields contract updates:

Video – Chris Rock’s Speech After Winning the Funniest MF’er Award at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards

Chris Rock’s acceptance speech was classic:

Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards airs on Sunday, June 20 at 10 pm.

Austrian Commercial Featuring Zidane-Style Head Butt Gets Banned

Just when you thought everyone forgot about Austria, they go and do something like this. This tame, 20-second commercial features a female office worker who busts a Zidane-style headbutt on a co-worker. The Austrians don’t like it because they say it promotes violence. Whatever. Take a look for yourself. Doesn’t seem that bad, right?

Thanks Deadspin!