The Exepndables Trailer

The Dolph Lundgren comeback tour begins August 13, 2010. Who knew this guy got a degree in Chemical Engineering?

160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes Video

I mean, there’s so many than just these 160, but it’s a pretty solid collection to squeeze into 10 minutes.

Green Hornet Trailer

Not sure if I’m excited or not…

Epic Wheel of Fortune Fail

This is classic…

Epic Wheel Of Fortune Fail – Watch more Funny Videos

Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer

Oldie but goodie…

Ron Artest Post-Game Interview Highlights

Ron Artest’s post-game interview highlights showcase the awesomeness behind the man:

Video – Middle Men Trailer

This movie looks sick.

The Luke Wilson comeback is in full swing! Now his brother won’t have to do any more Public Service Announcements.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Guys Choice Awards

So a couple weeks ago the MANjr team attended the taping of the 2010 Spike TV Guys Choice awards. By far the most entertaining moment of the show was when Triumph the Insult Comic Dog went through a list of the Triumph Douchebags of the Year. Here’s the video:

Video – Jessica Biel at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards

Jessica Biel accepts the Holy Grail of Hotness Award from her A-Team cast mates at the 2010 Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. Well deserved, Miss Biel, well deserved….