Jersey Shore Season 2 Trailer

Get ready for more vokka, bad boob jobs and spray-on orangeness. Jersey Shore round 2 comin’

Latest Commercial From Old Spice

Whoever’s behind these commercial spots deserves a raise. Old Spice is killing it.

Walter Payton Runs the Wildcat in 1984

There’s a reason why they called him sweetness….

Thanks TremendousUpsidePotential!

Tasty Argentina World Cup Fan Babe

Whoa whoa whoa.

MANjr will be pulling for ze Germans on Saturday, but this video featuring an unbelievably delicious Argentina fan is making us question everything. I mean, look how she shakes it. Makes you wanna get Messi with the closest Argentinian chick you can find.

And what’s up with the dude next to her pointing the camera skyward? The action’s to your right, buddy. You’re missing it bro!

The Social Network – Teaser Trailer

Well, at least we know that Jesse Eisenberg’s in it.

The World’s Reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal

Czech Rubgy Ad Pokes Fun at Soccer

I love soccer, but this shit’s kinda funny. The flops, pretty boys and special spray are the goofiest parts of the game for sure.

Got It at Ross Rap – Video

Wow. Simply amazing.

“Got It At Ross” Rap – Watch more Funny Videos

French Coach Raymond Domenech Is a Classy Guy

Nothing says class act like a good ole’ post-beatdown handshake refusal.