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Chupacabra Pictures and Video – Chupacabras Found in Texas!

Goat suckers have been spotted in Texas! Chupacabras, those mythical goat munchers from Mexican lore, have found their way to the Lone Star State. Texas law dictates that the only good chupacabra is a dead chupacabra, so of course, the ugly, hairless coyote-lookin’ critters that have entered the Lone Star State have all been shot and killed. Here are some shots of the no-longer-living chupacabra suspects:

I know, gross, huh? Anyway, if you see one of these nasty goat slurpers in your neighborhood, make sure you shoot it, and shoot it dead. Cause these anti-goat varmints are fugly, man.

How fugly? Take it away NBC News:

And if for some unknown reason you’ve never even heard of a Chupacabra before, here’s a little background on ‘em:

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