If you are a football fan and love to get behind the scenes and hear stories from a Hall of Fame coach then you should pick up the book, “Parcells.” His latest book came out last month. It was a great read. I found myself wanting to read more and more each day. I loved reading about some of the stories the teams he coached, people he brought up in the ranks of coaching, and his take on the game itself.

Parcells may be the most iconic football coach of our time. Any fan of the NFL knows that he was able to turn around a few failing franchises into playoff teams. He brought two Super Bowl Championships to the city of New York. After that he turned the New England Patriots into an NFL powerhouse and reinvigorated the New York Jets.

He orchestrated the winning recipe to bring the Dallas Cowboys back to their time in limelight. It was a no brainer that he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. NFL fans will thoroughly enjoy his stories from his time with each organization.

Even more you will get to read his thoughts on his longtime former assistant head coach, Bill Belichick. We get to see from Bill’s view what went down as Belichick took the Jets job and then left a few days later to take the New England Patriots head coaching position.

In his new book Parcells writes, “He made a deal and then tried to get out of it. A deal’s a deal. You want out? You’re going to pay. Simple.”

Parcells did say later on that he didn’t “begrudge” Belichick for taking the Patriots job, and that he probably got it for him.

Parcells even talks about then-Jets offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Charlie was looking to Parcells for the head coaching job. Yet when Weis testified for Belichick during a grievance hearing, Parcells banned Weis from Jets facilities. You will definitely want to read that chapter.

He even talks about his relationship with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Parcells writes on Jones, “If you told Jerry, ‘Give me $10 million this November, and by next November I’ll give you $12 million,’ he’d have no interest in that proposition. But if you said, ‘Jerry, you give me $10 million, and next year at this time, there’s a 15 percent chance you’ll have $100 million,’ he’s in. Now, I could never understand that, but that’s the kind of guy he is; he’s a risk-taker.”

Parcells also credits himself with Cowboys QB, Tony Romo success. He wrote “If I had put in Romo in his first year and just let him play, he would have been out of football in a year and a half. He was just a gunslinger. He was indiscriminate. And he would do [expletive] that you just can’t succeed doing. But after a year or two of practicing in the preseason, getting his [reps], you could see he had a real good chance to come along.”

Like I said “Parcells” is a fascinating read and is must own for any football fan. To purchase the book click here!

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