That’s not a question. That’s a statement. Something stinks in Dallas, and the stank has been festering for well over a decade.

The spotlight is fixed upon Wade Phillips. Not a broad spot, somewhat capturing the folks standing next to him, but a pin-spot, right on the head coach’s face. Man, he looks miserable. The Cowboys went to 1-7 last night vs. Green Bay, and in a manner so embarrassing, it left owner Jerry Jones stating that there would be “consequences” for the Cowboys poor play. Consequences? Like what? Being released to play for a contender? And by contender I mean a squad who might actually contend to win a single game.

As I pound the keys on the board, Phillips is still in as captain, by the time I’m done, I suspect an official announcement may be made that he’s not–all major news sources are stating that he has been canned, and Jason Garrett will serve as interim head coach.

Let’s jump back to training camp–this 2010 season, the season in which most analysts crowned the Cowboys the Champions of the NFC, destined to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium. Oh, if only they functioned half as well as that stadium. Training camp. Rookie first-rounder Dez Bryant shows up, walkin’ like a man–like a veteran, dismissing rookie hazing and refusing to play grab-ass and pad-carry for veteran Roy Williams. Backlash. Why? Because that’s what you do in the NFL. You adhere to the system in place. The status quo. The antiquated, hasn’t worked in 15 years, system that is in place. And Bryant’s reasoning? He was drafted to help the team win games, not carry pads.

It is a sad state of affairs when a rookie wide receiver comes into camp more focused to task than a “should know better” veteran such as Roy Williams–as overrated as Williams may certainly be.

Rewind a little further to the off-season. Jerry Jones, drunk in a bar, mouthing about Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow not being worth a third-round draft pick and Tony Romo being “The Miracle.” I was a little confused about “miracle”–trying to determine if Jerry used the word miracle meaning that someone who seems more interested in golf is somehow considered a prolific NFL quarterback. Or it was a “miracle” that he wasn’t drawn and quartered after fumbling “the snap” on that hold those few years ago.

What’s wrong with the Dallas Cowboys? Why, Jerry Jones is what’s wrong with the Dallas Cowboys.

Sure, Wade Phillips would have never won a Super Bowl as a head coach in Dallas–I say would have, because I’m pretty sure he’s gone. I don’t even think he’ll ever get to a Super Bowl as a head coach, regardless of where he is. In all fairness, I think he seems like a stellar guy–a genuinely wonderful human being, but as far as coach–never gonna happen. Yet, it is still Jerry Jones who has stuck by Phillips, even when it was obvious that this season was off to a dangerous start after two weeks. Jerry is complaining about the level of play, yet he’s the one who symbolically waved the white flag weeks ago. He’s the one who said that the franchise would stay the course.

I admire Jerry Jones’s passion for his beloved Cowboys. I love that he spares no expense to offer every opportunity to the guys wearing the stars on their hats. His stadium is without a doubt the finest sporting arena to be found in this great nation–perhaps the world. Even still. Bottom line. Jerry Jones has mismanaged his own franchise for years. Even through the glorious 90s, he couldn’t offer what was necessary to sustain dominance, because it somehow meant that he possessed less control. I’m not saying Jones has gone Al Davis, but the line he’s been dancing on over the past decade isn’t promising for the future of the organization.

The talent on this 2010 roster, and this team is 1-7? Cripes, the Browns are 3-5 with wins over New Orleans and New England. How does this happen? It happens when an owner is so certain that he knows the game better than everyone else that talent trumps heart, and potential trumps performance. At present, Jones is “analyzing” performance to make necessary changes…perhaps a glance into the mirror would assist in gathering analytical data. It trickles down, Mr. Jones.

Seems it’s official. Phillips is out, Garrett is in.

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