Are you tired of paying too much for headphones? It seems that each year when a new line of headphones come out the price gets higher and higher. If you want to get a new pair you might need to take out a second mortgage. Luckily for us there the VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Hyperbass Headphones are available.

The feature-heavy Elux Over-Ear Carbon Fiber Headphones utilize best-in-class materials and expert technology to provide a studio-quality audio experience and high-fidelity sound. With BassX technology, these headphones can put your skull is a low frequency headlock and keep you there while you enjoy ultra-crisp and powerful bass.

Even if you’re studying all night or in the middle of a movie marathon, the Elux Over-Ear Carbon Fiber Headphones use AirBass Suspension to give your ears a nice elastic air cushion for extended listening. There’s nothing worse than outside noises pulling you out of your entertainment. Passive Noise Control feature ensures that the only sounds you hear are the ones coming from the Elux Over-Ear Carbon Fiber Headphones.

There’s really nothing like experiencing powerful bass notes in your favorite movies, music, and games. The low frequencies really do make or break your listening experience which is why VM Audio uses BassX technology in the Elux Over-Ear Carbon Fiber Headphones. If you want to hear every single bass line in your music and really feel the explosions in your games, then these Elux headphones are made for you. They produce pure and crisp bass without sacrificing at all on the power.

There are two things that can pull you out of an immersive audio experience: sore ears and outside noises. The Elux Over-Ear Carbon Fiber Headphones from VM Audio have completely solved both of those issues. Using AirBass Suspension, VM Audio’s engineers have created the perfect fit to any ear using an elastic air cushion to deliver ultimate comfort over long periods of listening. To keep those unwanted noises out of your entertainment, the Elux Over-Ear Carbon Fiber Headphones use Passive Noise Control to sit tightly on your ears while still maintaining comfort.

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