When going to or hosting a Halloween party what is your drink of choice? Are you a beer guy? Do you go with a mixed drink? Why not spice things up with trying these great cocktail recipes for you and your friends to imbibe at this year’s Halloween shindig.

The tealogists from Owl’s Brew took their costume tea blends and created Halloween-inspired cocktails with Captain Morgan. The Reaping and Haunted Voyage are two simple recipes that are sure to be a huge hit during this year’s festivities. Owl’s Brew tea is available nationally at stores including Crate & Barrel and Whole Foods and can be ordered online at theowlsbrew.com.

Plundering Pumpkin

1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

6 oz. Pumpkin beer

Directions: Drop shot of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum in a glass of pumpkin beer and enjoy.

Haunted Voyage*

1 oz. Captain Morgan® White Rum

2 oz. Owl’s Brew The Classic

.5 oz. Grapefruit Juice

Directions: Shake and pour over ice into a rocks glass.

Garnish: Black sugar rim.

*Created by Owl’s Brew

The Reaping*

1 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

2 oz. Owl’s Brew Coco-Lada

.5 oz. Splash of ginger beer

Directions: Swirl and serve over ice in Collins glass.

Garnish: Fresh ginger

*Created by Owl’s Brew

Witches Brew

4 oz. Once Upon a Vine® Fairest Chardonnay

2 oz. Pear nectar

1 oz. Lime juice

.5 oz. Simple syrup

3 Sprigs of thyme

Directions: Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain into a chilled glass. To spook the brew up, celebrity chef Nadia G recommends freezing a surgical glove.

Princess Potion

1 bottle Once Upon a Vine Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc

8 oz. Grapefruit juice

8 oz. Lemon juice

8 oz. Lime juice

8 oz. Simple syrup

1 Cucumber

1 Bunch of mint

Directions: Pre-cut ingredients and pour into punch bowl. Serves 4.

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