Zeikos electronics is teaming up with former NFL great Carl Banks to promote a new line of licensed, limited-edition MLB and NFL iHip music accessories. You can pick up a pair of iHip headphones or earbuds and choose between 61 different team logos. If you’re looking for an affordable gift to give to your favorite sports fantastic, iHip gear could be a great choice.

We received a set of headphones and earbuds that both featured the logo of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The headphones are medium-sized. They’re not too small that they slip off your head, but they’re not so big that you feel like a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. The DJ-style, headphones fold up for easy storage and feature bright colors to go along with the authentic team logo of your choice.

One interesting thing is that the headphone cord comes with an extra input for another audio source. The extra line-in is a bit presumptive, but appreciated nonetheless. If you want to share some tunes with someone, they can just plug right into the extra line and tune in to what you’re blasting. These aren’t crazy high-end headphones. You won’t fine top-of-the line noise cancellation or other super sexy features. But you can rock your team pride at an affordable price. And really, that’s all you can ask for here.

The earbuds lean a bit towards the low end of the sound spectrum, but that’s not likely a problem if you like your tunes with some bass. The earbuds come with extra earplug inserts, so you can adjust the size of the plugs to fit your specific inner ear size preference.

iHip music accessories range in price from $14.99 to $99.99. If you want to show your support you’re your favorite NFL or MLB team, the simple, colorful music accessories provided by iHip will give you a functional and flashy way to display your team pride.

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