ThinkGeek doesn’t like most socks.  It’s not opposed to getting them as gifts, but there are far more things out in the galaxy that get the attention of geeks.  Thankfully, if you’ve got a geek in your life or are one yourself, ThinkGeek has a handy list of everything you need to make the holidays great.

“Giving to geeks can be a challenge,” says Steve Zimmermann, spokesperson for Elf Operations at ThinkGeek.  “Our crack team of naughty and nice analysts put together a list of gifts that are sure to make everyone happy this year.”

Over $100

  • Sphero Robotic Ball – A robotic ball that you can control with your phone while you play games with it…or chase the cat.

Under $75

  • Travel Boy Carry On Luggage – Designed to fit the on-the-go needs of geeks and gamers, this is a perfect way to let other holiday travelers know you honor the old ways.

Under $50

  • Tactical Chef Apron – No matter if it’s Thanksgiving or the first BBQ of the season, let the chef be properly prepared to deploy flavor with extreme prejudice.
  • Tetris LED Lamp – Stack them in anyway you think looks best and don’t even worry about waiting for just the right piece to win the game, it’s a lamp!
  • Charm bracelet and charms – Perfect for the geek girl, these are an elegant way of celebrating your fandom, whatever it may be.

Under $20

ThinkGeek has established a Holiday Gift Center populated with even more items that are guaranteed to make shopping for the geek in your life (or yourself, we don’t judge) a little easier this year.  To see all of the offerings, visit

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