The Kings are just one win away from securing their first Stanley Cup championship. There are so many reasons why they’ve gotten this far. Quick has been outstanding in goal, Kopitar has a nose for the net and of course there’s LA’s dominant performance on the road. But I like to think that the team’s success is due to something more mysterious, something more magical. I’m speaking of course about the epic hockey playoff beard resting on the face of MANjr’s Danny Dabiri.

Considering that the Kings have done so well since Danny started growing his hockey playoff beard, you would think that this sacred Persian face-rug would be off limits, something not to be tampered with. But you would be wrong.

Sometimes you just need to clean up your face. So with a 3-1 Stanley Cup final lead secured, the MANjr team felt confident enough to suggest that it was time for a trim. Nothing drastic, mind you. Just enough of a trim so that Mr. Dabiri could go about his business while also respecting the contribution that his hockey playoff beard has clearly had on the 2012 NHL playoffs. It’s arguably been the deciding factor in the inevitable championship that the Los Angeles Kings are about to secure.

So trim Danny we did. As part of the Go With a Real Pro Challenge, Phillips Norelco hooked us up with a Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro (QT4070) that gave Dabee an edge when taking on this hockey playoff beard challenge. We put the trimmer to use and we were satisfied with the results.

The Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro has a ridiculous 18 settings, from 0.5mm to 18mm. Whether you’re going for minimalist stub or well-maintained business beard, this trimmer will clean up your face without making a big mess.

It works for even the toughest facial hair. This thing trimmed Danny’s think neck curtain there’s no tomorrow. He got full-on beard-definition, a clear neck-line and he straightened his cheek fur in just a few minutes. The stubble comb made an even pass all around. That’s pretty much all that you can ask for from a beard trimming device.

Here’s what Danny looked like before his Stanley Cup trim:

Here’s what Danny looked like after a few minutes of trimming:

As you can see, we didn’t want Danny to lose the full hockey playoff beard effect, but we did want the guy to have some more definition. After the trim, the man can now see his neck. He can also recognize his cheeks. The respect and trustworthiness that comes with beard growth is still there, but the guy doesn’t look half as scruffy as he did before.

If your hockey playoff beard is getting a little out of control, and you want to go from scruffy to professional, then this Phillips Norelco trimmer device is probably worth testing out.

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