Valvoline has teamed up with Sporting News to give fans a chance to vote on their college football preseason top 25.  It’s called the Sporting News Fan Poll backed by the Valvoline Engine Guarantee. Fans can check head-to-head comparisons with expert predictions and other media-generated polls.  You can submit your picks from now until August 31 at

Leading up to the kickoff of the college football season, Valvoline and Sporting News will also feature an ongoing weekly column called “Count on It,” where experts Matt Hayes and Steve Greenberg will debate the hot college football topics of the week.

The college football promo efforts are part of a larger campaign called the “Valvoline Engine Guarantee” program. If you register with your vehicle at and use Valvoline motor oil on the regular, you can ensure that your car or truck is protected up to 300,000 miles. You need to register your can before it hits 125,000 miles, and there are different levels of guarantees for different Valvoline products (up to 125,000 miles for Valvoline Premium Conventional motor oil; up to 225,000 miles for MaxLife® or DuraBlend® Synthetic Blend  motor oils; and up to 300,000 miles for SynPower® Full Synthetic or MaxLife® Full Synthetic motor oils).

Valvoline is also rolling out a new motor oil product that’s extra-friendly for the environment. NextGen™ motor oil is a high-performance formula that uses 50 percent recycled oil. The recycled oil is re-refined and re-used which creates a base oil that’s just as good as crude, but with a much lighter carbon footprint. The new oil is available everywhere and it’s already being used by NASCAR drivers.

As part of the promotional efforts for the Valvoline Engine Guarantee and NextGen oil launch, we’re teaming up with Valvoline to give away three oil change kits that come with the new Valvoline NextGen™ motor oil.

To enter, just follow us on Twitter @MANjrcom and drop us an email below telling us why you love saving the environment. We’ll pick three winners at random next Thursday. Good luck!

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