I recently received a pair of Ahnu hiking shoes, and I gotta say, they’re pretty comfy. I consider myself more of a couch-potato than an outdoorsy type, but I decided to give my pair of Ahnu Men’s Moraga Mesh shoes a proper test drive. So I went for a quick hike in some drizzly weather conditions.

The shoes fit comfortably – not too tight, not too loose. My hike was by no means extreme, but I did hit some rocky-wet terrain. The shoes breathed well, but didn’t let any puddle splatter in, which was great. No overheating and no exposure to the elements, which was a nice balance.

The bottom sole is both firm and flexible, allowing for stable foot placement that wasn’t too rigid and still left me with good range of motion. The bottom traction action is the best part about these shoes. Even in slippery conditions I was able to get solid foot planting while hiking in the hills. If I was sporting my usual pair of Sauconys, I would’ve been treading super lightly, but the grip action of the bottom sole let me hike at a brisk pace without any fear of skids or slippage.

It also helps that these shoes look cool. Most hiking shoes look like paramilitary accessories, but I’d wear these things with some jeans and not even think twice about it. The back hoop makes for quick entry into these shoes too, so whenever I need some quality walking or hiking kicks, I can slap these guys on real quick.

Again, I’m not a super all-terrain type guy, but the Ahnu hiking shoes might make me rethink that. It’s nice to get out and about and conquer some nature, even in small doses. The balance, fit, appearance and traction on slickness certainly make these kicks a worthwhile addition to your closet.

Check out the Ahnu website to see more examples of outdoor shoes that provide comfort and support for a variety of outdoor activities.

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