If you’re going to drop the cash for an iPad 2, you need to pick up something to protect that investment. There are plenty of iPad 2 cases on the market. You’ll find cases that provide extra style points and cases that focus on max protection. Functionality is crucial as well. If you got the looks and the protection, but you can’t maneuver your fancy tablet, what’s the point, right?

We recently received a Belkin Slim Folio iPad 2 case to review, and we tested the thing out for a couple weeks. If you’re trying to make a fashion statement with your iPad case, the Belkin Slim Folio probably isn’t your number one option. It’s not ugly or anything, but it’s not going to turn any heads, either. It will, however, offer you great protection against scuffs and scratches and a whole lot of functionality.

The slim fit and soft material provide extra durability without adding a ton of weight. The clip-on case that you get from Apple will give you front screen protection, but that’s about it. The Belkin Slim Folio shields your iPad completely. The squishy material is soft to the touch, but still offers plenty of grip.

The case comes with an attached strap that you can use to keep the front cover closed. This strap can also double as a hand holding slip. When holding your iPad, you just flip the cover over and place your hand inside the strap for easy viewing. The Slim Folio also has multiple viewing positions. You can situate the case for easy typing or stand it up at different viewing angles.

The one complaint we have with the case is that the cut outs for the camera lens, headphone jack, volume meter and power button seem to be just slightly off a bit. Just a tad. You can still access each of these areas with ease, but the extra snug fit of the Slim Folio case makes it difficult to align these access areas precisely with the case itself.

Again, if you’re going for maximum style points, the Belkin Slim Folio Stand won’t be your top option. If you just want a soft, lightweight cover that offers complete protection with smart, functional viewing options, the Slim Folio is a nice package for $39.99.

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