Chupacabra Pictures and Video – Chupacabras Found in Texas!

Goat suckers have been spotted in Texas! Chupacabras, those mythical goat munchers from Mexican lore, have found their way to the Lone Star State. Texas law dictates that the only good chupacabra is a dead chupacabra, so of course, the ugly, hairless coyote-lookin’ critters that have entered the Lone Star State have all been shot and killed. Here are some shots of the no-longer-living chupacabra suspects:

I know, gross, huh? Anyway, if you see one of these nasty goat slurpers in your neighborhood, make sure you shoot it, and shoot it dead. Cause these anti-goat varmints are fugly, man.

How fugly? Take it away NBC News:

And if for some unknown reason you’ve never even heard of a Chupacabra before, here’s a little background on ‘em:

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The Boss: The Passing of a Bittersweet Baseball Era

When news of George Steinbrenner’s death broke, I wanted to jump on the story like a media whore outside a red carpet event. I thought about it for awhile, became fairly indignant in my thought, then moved on to sadness, confusion and ultimately this funky feeling of joy mixed with sorrow.

I love baseball. I never much cared for George Steinbrenner. I don’t think he cared one iota about baseball. I think he cared about business. No, I didn’t know the man, I knew his reputation, as did so many others. Had I ever met him, I’m sure I would have adored him. I’m weird like that.

With his passing at the age of 80 due to complications from a heart attack as well as other ailing bodily functions, I could only feel sad for his family, for the fine athletes who played for him, for the managers who fought with and still somehow loved him and the Yankees fan base who saw a “win at all costs” empire constructed under his tenure.

For the rest of the baseball world, there’s a part of me that thinks, “It’s probably best that he went before the cap came–that would have really killed the guy.” And make no mistake Yankee fans. It’s a’comin’. If the next commish doesn’t push for it off the bat, I’ll lead the charge for his removal.

Sadly, all I can think of when I think of The Boss: A monopolizer who didn’t really look beyond his own interests to consider what would be best for the game of baseball. We all know people like that in “our own lives,” and we don’t like them. Then they die, and we feel bad for not liking them. It begs the question: What is the most lasting memory of George Steinbrenner’s legacy?

I’m sure Steinbrenner will eventually be remembered as the legendary Yankees owner who took the franchise from worst to first, but you just have to think that within that conversation, there will always be at least one voice which will sound off with a completely opposing opinion.

His legacy is bittersweet–and there’s no need to sugarcoat it.

ESPN NFL Analyst Jeremy Green Arrested for Drugs and Child Pornography

ESPN NFL analyst Jeremy Green was arrested in a Bristol hotel. Why? Cause the dude had more than 50 images or depictions of child pornography and admitted that he is a cocaine user. The cops found drugs, drug paraphernalia and a bunch of child pornography when they arrested him in his hotel room. Green is the son of former Vikings and Cardinals head coach Dennis Green. He also kinda looks like a pedophile (no offense Green family, but he does):

Would you leave your kids alone with that guy? I didn’t think so.

ESPN posted a brief story on his arrest. Green, who’s been a contributor since 2006, is “no longer employed by the company.”

Redemption! USA Shocks Algeria and the World

It was over…it was all over. The Americans were done. Fielding the most experienced and talented team in their history, they should have been going home early. Needing a win to advance out of group play and into the round of 16, the USA looked like they were headed for another disappointing draw and a plane ride home.

For 90 minutes the U.S. national team peppered the Algerian goalie with chance after chance, putting 7 shots on goal and having one disallowed on another bogus call. Here’s the clip (in German). Then in the 1st minute of extra time, following a Tim Howard save, his Everton teammate Landon Donovan started the counter. He pressed the right side of the pitch, laid the ball to Jozy Altidore whose cross found Clint Dempsey’s foot, then bounced off the keeper. Donovan was waiting, stalking the play from behind and put the ball in the back of the net for the most improbable and memorable goal in the World Cup to date. The leading scorer in U.S. history, Donovan emphatically solidified his spot as the country’s greatest player as well.

It was another late goal in a year of late goals for the cardiac kids. During the World Cup and qualifying, the U.S. has twice as many goals in the last five minutes than any other team in the world. The Yanks claimed the top spot in the group with 5 points and advance to the round of 16 with England (5 points as well, but less goals than the U.S.), who bested Slovenia 1-0 to earn second in group C.

It makes you proud to be an American, fuck yeah!

Best News Story of the Week

This is clearly the best news story of the week. Check out this lead. Everything sounded semi-believable until the bulldozer part:

Brooklyn Decker – Esquire’s 2010 Sexiest Woman Alive (Reader’s Choice)

Back in March, Esquire got into bracket fever when they set up the 2010 Sexiest Woman Alive Madness tournament – a 64 women, single-elimination tourney where readers could vote on their choice for the Sexiest Woman Alive. The reader’s choice tournament is a supplement to the official selection of the Sexiest Woman Alive, which Esquire will announce in November.

The tourney featured a surprising first round upset (Helen Mirren beating out Megan Fox) and a Sweet 16 berth for underdog Lane Kiffin.

In the Elite 8, Stacy Keibler beat out Heather Mitts, Jessica Alba edged out Kristen Bell, Candice Swanpoel was crushed by Broklyn Decker and Heidi Klum sent Evangeline Lilly home.

In the end, the 64 babes from four conferences (movies, music/fashion, sports and TV) were whittled down to just two: Brooklyn Decker and Heidi Klum. The final was an absolute blowout, with Decker earning 89% of the vote in the championship round. Although Esquire’s official Sexiest Woman Alive won’t be announced for a few months, the people have spoken, and Brooklyn Decker  now stands alone as the reader’s choice for Sexiest Woman Alive.

Here’s a look at the final bracket results.

World Cup Stadiums Go Green

With the onset of World Cup 2010 in South Africa, soccer, or football (as it’s referred to internationally), has once again captured the global imagination. Tens of thousands of fans from around the world will flood into the republic of South Africa to see the games, as hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe will tune in to the broadcasts on their televisions. Another exciting opportunity, while the world’s attention is focused, to slip in some handy information on how we all might be a little bit more green, reducing our collective carbon footprint. So what about sustainable architecture, the challenge of hosting a multi-nation global sporting event, eco-friendly architecture when it comes to these soccer (football) stadiums, and more environmental concerns? Here’s a site where you can find out more on green soccer stadiums in this year’s World Cup 2010 in South Africa, and discuss some other eco-oriented thoughts too.