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Matty Byloos attended Santa Clara University (BA 1996) and the Art Center College of Design (MFA 2001). His first collection of short stories, Don't Smell the Floss, was published in 2009 by Write Bloody Books; Byloos is an accomplished painter with a history of exhibiting both nationally and internationally. He runs the environmental blog Easy Ways to Go Green. Follow him on Twitter here: Matty Byloos Or on his personal site here: Matty Byloos Official Site

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World Cup Stadiums Go Green

With the onset of World Cup 2010 in South Africa, soccer, or football (as it’s referred to internationally), has once again captured the global imagination. Tens of thousands of fans from around the world will flood into the republic of South Africa to see the games, as hundreds of thousands of fans around the globe will tune in to the broadcasts on their televisions. Another exciting opportunity, while the world’s attention is focused, to slip in some handy information on how we all might be a little bit more green, reducing our collective carbon footprint. So what about sustainable architecture, the challenge of hosting a multi-nation global sporting event, eco-friendly architecture when it comes to these soccer (football) stadiums, and more environmental concerns? Here’s a site where you can find out more on green soccer stadiums in this year’s World Cup 2010 in South Africa, and discuss some other eco-oriented thoughts too.