George Dickel is entering the Bottled in Bond category with the brand’s latest limited release - George Dickel Bottled in Bond Tennessee Whisky - that’s not only a high quality whisky but a great buy (as it’s available for a MSRP of $35.99 for a 750ML bottle) for whisky lovers.

What makes this whisky so special? Well, to start off it’s the first new whisky innovation led by Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. General Manager and Distiller, Nicole Austin since she came onboard a year ago. It’s also a Bottled in Bond Whisky, and as you may know, the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 was enacted in order to help guarantee a spirit’s authenticity and level of quality. In today’s world where consumers are craving more and more transparency, Bottled in Bond spirits are starting to make a resurgence.

To be labeled as Bottled in Bond, a spirit must be aged and bottled according to a special set of regulations from the U.S. Government that includes:

  • Be the product of one distillation season by one distillery (George Dickel Bottled in Bond has been distilled by Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. at Cascade Hollow Distillery, DSP-TN-2, during the fall season of 2005)
  • Be stored in oak containers a federally bonded warehouse under U.S. government supervision (George Dickel Bottled in Bond was stored at Cascade Hollow Distillery in Tullahoma, TN) for at least four years (13 years old)
  • Be bottled at 100 proof (50% ABV) and reduced in proof only by the addition of water to not less than 100 proof

At 100 proof (50% ABV), George Dickel’s Bottled in Bond offers a bold and balanced profile highlighted by tastes of light honey, tropical fruit, warm spices, and a touch of leather. This batch comes from barrels that were maturing since Fall 2005, and while the 13-year-old whisky will made its debut at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. earlier this month and rolling out to shelves nationwide now that hasn’t stopped it from already winning awards. In fact, George Dickel Bottled in Bond took home Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and racked up a score of 95 (on a scale of 100), earning the designation of “Best Buy” from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. This whisky can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks in addition to being well-suited for many of your favorite cocktails.

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