With both Global Running Day and World Environment Day falling this week on June 5th, thought you’d be interested to know that Michelob ULTRA is bringing back Team ULTRA at the NYC Marathon for the third year, but with a twist. To earn one of the coveted 95 Team ULTRA bibs, runners will have to demonstrate their passion for the environment by showing how they incorporate plogging into their fitness routine to help make the environment a better place.

2019 entry opens today! Fans who wish to participate can learn how to submit their entry at https://www.michelobultra.com/teamultra.

If you’re not yet familiar with plogging, it’s a fitness trend that originated in Sweden and combines jogging with picking up litter. By making plogging the ticket to entry for this year’s Team ULTRA, runners will do good for the environment while doing good for themselves.

Michelob ULTRA has also partnered with Keep America Beautiful, a leading national nonprofit that inspires and educates people to take action to improve and beautify their communities. Keep America Beautiful is also a major champion of plogging in the U.S.

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