If you are a fan of NASCAR, Chase Elliott, and MTN Dew you are going to want to check this out. Ther is a new series out there that features Elliott. DEW recently launched a new episodic digital content series which will bring to life the creative, and never-been-done-before ideas of DEW All-Star athletes and fans – and the first episode features the ideas of NASCAR driver Chase Elliott as he and his friends embark on an adventure to Utah for an out-of-control, off-road game of capture the flag featuring drones, ATV vehicles and motorbikes.

The series builds off of the brand idea that “It Doesn’t Exist Until You Do It,” and will feature DEW All-Stars such as NASCAR driver Chase Elliott and NBA star Isaiah Thomas as they bring their damn good ideas to life working alongside director Nathan Balli. Balli, the winner of the Mtn Dew Green Label Studios: Open Call contest with his “Authenticity is Everything” project, will be directing all content for the series – his first major project for the brand.

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