photo by Evan Sears

We all want that slick car to drive. The Audi A8 is one of those cars. If you are investing in a car like the A8 you want to make sure that from front to back the car is fully loaded. One of those necessary items on the list is the sound system. Thankfully the A8 has got you covered on that front.

Recently Joe Wiesenfelder, who is the Executive Editor of spoke on the Bang & Olufsen audio system in the Audi A8.

Joe said that the “Bang & Olufsen in the Audi A8. Audi’s exquisite flagship sedan has an optional B&O system that’s the opposite of the VW Fender stereo, in that it includes 19 speakers and Dolby Digital Surround sound. Here’s the thing: It sounds great, something audio systems this complex surprisingly often fail to do. Its various adjustments cater to different tastes but still tend to yield natural results. My focus is on the sound, but even I have to admit the way the tweeter modules rise out of the dashboard when you start the car is icing on a delicious cake. It’s an expensive cake, too: a $6,300 option on the middle-priced trim level.” photo by Evan Sears

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