It’s July, it’s Indianapolis, it must be Capture the Crown time again!

Follow our exploits as we traipse around Indianapolis for the Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at the Brickyard Powered by

Say that all in one breath.

Lot of words. Let’s break it down. Brickyard 400, huge NASCAR race. John Wayne Walding, American hero. Crown Royal? Awesome drinking whisky. BigMachine Sure why not, they paid for it.

I’ll be looking to reclaim the throne for MANjr founder and 2012 winner Chris Stout. What is this throne we speak of? The annual hub of all social media? The scavenger hunt to end all scavenger hunts? Check @manjrcom, #JWW400 and #ReignOn all weekend for some super VIP access to the race and the weekend’s festivities. Big prizes for winners the last few years and we’ll need that MANjr reader karma to pull it off again.

Wait? John Wayne? That John Wayne? No. Ten times better. John Wayne Walding is man who’s heroic actions on and off the battlefield remind us all of what kind of man we can all aspire to be. Sip on a few of Stouty’s original “Five Toes Texas Cooler” during the race and raise your glass to an American Hero, Mr. John Wayne Walding.


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