Big day today, MANjr fans. Today is our turn to make a move in the second annual Pass the Crown blogger gift battle! So it’s decision time and we got till 4 PM Eastern to make the call. We swipe another gift from one of the 25 participating bloggers or do we open up our embroidered purple bag to see what’s inside?

The gift that’s on the table comes with a hint:

But what does it all mean? Is it NASCAR-related? We know how much fun it can be posting up at a NASCAR event with the good folks from Crown! Indy was a blast. But we also know how much fun a Crown Royal happy hours can be for everyone in attendance. Tough call!

And then you got stuff like iPad Minis, Kindle Fires, Samsung Digital Cameras, Sonos Play 3, and a bunch of other cool gear that we can pilfer from other people. Help us decide what to do! Drop us an email below with your thoughts or hit us up on Twitter @MANjr. Check #PassTheCrown to follow all the gift war action. And this year, whenever the hashtag #PassTheCrown appears on Twitter, Crwon Royal will send out a gift bag to a soldier. Click retweet and support the troops!

Oh, one last thing. Whatever we end up with, we’ll be giving away the same gift to one lucky reader. So chime in if you want to sway our decision!

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