The second annual Pass the Crown program officially ended this week with one final steal. Jersey Girl Sports put out the most number of tweets with the #PassTheCrown hashtag and took the honors of making the final swipe. The iPad Mini’s, which had already changed hands a couple times, was the last item to be stolen.

Because of all the retweets and Twitter mentions, Crown Royal was able to send out 1400 gift bags to our troops as part of the Crown Royal Heroes Project. Among the gift bags that went out, was this one right here which was put together at the Cowboys/Saints game by Playboy playmate Kylie Johnson:

We were able to hang on to the Crown Royal XR Happy Hour that we jacked from The Roosevelts. So stay tuned for details about the next MANjr/Crown Royal event.

Thanks to everyone who got going on the retweets and helped make the second annual Pass the Crown program another fun experience.

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