The fine bewhiskered gentleman of the Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Club hosted the second annual LA Beard and Mustache Competition on June 24 at the Belasco Theater in Downtown LA. I attended the inaugural competition in 2011, and I have to say, this year’s event was bigger and better by any measure. There were more competitors, more spectators, more vendors, more food trucks – you name it. I think the secret is officially out. Bearding, as a legit and extra-enjoyable sport, has arrived in LA. The way these competitions are expanding, next year might be invite only. Let’s hope not though, cause man I love me some cutthroat facial hair battles.

You just feel manlier being there. Maybe it’s the crowd, with babes and beards (and babes-with-beards) as far as the eye can see. Maybe it’s the layers of one-upmanship and camaraderie between the competitors. Whatever it is, I like it. You got good people, a friendly vibe, cute chicks and some friggin’ amazing displays of whisker wizardry. What’s there not to like?

If you didn’t get to attend the 2012 LA Beard and Mustache Competition, fear not. I put together some video highlights for you, set to some up-tempo beats for your viewing pleasure. I didn’t capture all the greatness, but I hope I did this sweet event some justice. Enjoy:

Some photos from Sunday:

If you’re curious who won, here are the complete results of the competition:

Natural Mustache

1. Alfred Nash
2. Javier Quintanilla
3. Brenden Kenney

Business Beard
1. Mark Hurlston
2. Patrick Daniel
3. Karl Dunn

1. Kevin Riordan
2. Chris Noel
3. Stephen Scarpa

Sideburns / Muttonchops
1. Nate Johnson
2. Aaron Abravaya
3. Jan-Michael Losada

Groomed Beard
1. Jeffrey Moustache
2. Joshua Davis
3. Shawn Hasson

1. Killo Kitty
2. Emily Abravaya
3. Lindsay Stinner

Styled Mustache
1. Sean Raiger
2. Robert “Cowboy Bob” Richardson
3. Richard Schipper

Full Beard Natural
1. Ryan Dreyer
2. Scott Lehr
3. Riqo Sanders

1. Aarne Bielefeldt
2. Justin Vorhauer
3. Jack Tannatt

Photo Credits: Ranil Wiratunga, Cathy Zandueta

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