We received a pair of Teva Mush Frio Lace Canvas shoes to review last week and I gotta say, I really like ‘em. Sure we’re a blog and we like free stuff and all that, but these kicks are pretty sweet. They’re based on the Teva Mush flip flop line. Now I’m not a big flip-flop guy myself, so I don’t know how the Mush shoes compare to the Mush flops. I do know that the Frio Lace Canvas is super-soft, breathable and comfy as hell.

The Teva Mush Frio Lace Canvas shoes are basically like sturdy socks made out of form-fitting foam. They’re crazy lightweight to the point where you feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all. The shoes are super wide and non-constricting, but they’re also contoured to your feet. There’s a bump in the interior that fits perfectly in the bottom bridge of your foot. So with all this soft and gushy flexibility, they still give you a sturdy, stabilizing fit.

One of the drawbacks of the shoe is that the sole is a bit on the slippery side. These aren’t your go-to kicks for a rainy day. But if you don’t plan on running down a wet staircase, you won’t have much to worry about.

The Teva Mush Frio Lace Canvas shoes are the kind of kicks you put on when you don’t really want to leave your house. These aren’t running shoes. They’re not designed for that. These are lazy day, phone-it-in shoes. They’re like Styrofoam to-go boxes for your feet. Check ‘em out:

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