The MANjr crew received a SANYO Pedal Juice unit to review, and the rechargeable 9V power source for offers some pretty convenient features for guitar players who need to power multiple effects pedals. The Pedal Juice is a rechargeable battery that can power different guitar pedals without the need of an outlet. This reduces the need for tons of 9V batteries, eliminates the ground sound you get from AC adapters, and it just saves space. The first thing you notice about the Pedal Juice unit is its size. It’s compact size is comparable to the size of other pedals, but the unit is much lighter.

The Pedal Juice unit needs 3.5 hours to fully charge. The three-stage LED indicator (red, orange, green) gives you the ability to check the power status of the unit with a quick glance. Red indicates that the unit is less than 30 percent charged. Orange indicates that the unit is 30 to 60 percent charge, and the green light indicated a batter power charge of 60 percent and above. After a full charge, the Pedal Juice power supply can last up to 50 hours. You can recharge the unit hundreds of times. Pedal juice is also water and shock resistant.

Whether you want to power multiple guitar effects pedals, mobile recorders or multi-effect devices, Pedal Juice gives you clean sounding power with little hassle. If you want to hook up multiple pedals to the unit, extra wires will be required for daisy chaining everything together. Still you can’t beat the convenience and portability that the Pedal Juice offers. If you need portable power without the annoying hum, Pedal Juice is worth the investment.

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