I wish I was still in school. As crazy as that may sound think about the logistics. No work, no bills, guaranteed parties on the weekends and of course random free stuff. Companies love to attach themselves to schools because they know college kids have the most disposable income. This is the reason they giveaway so much free loot!

Case in point LenovoBlogU.com. This site allows students to blog on their site for prizes including a whopping $20K in scholarship money. This opportunity is only for students eligible at accredited universities. That means if you go to your neighborhood community college (*pointing at myself) you are ineligible. We often miss these absolutely free contests because we’re so concerned with getting our work down (or goofing around) that we blow them off.

My advice to young college students is to take advantage of every free opportunity given to you. I made the mistake of only looking for free food deals, (thanks Chipotle) that I missed the bigger picture. I’ve heard stories of students traveling around the world for free, based on a couple emails and an application form. I’m not saying these are common, but they definitely do exist.

Hopefully this inspires all of you to strive for more, and by more I mean the free stuff! If all else fails try betting on your grades. It’s legal, fun and there’s actually a website dedicated to it.


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