Rob Gronkowski Wants Candy From Stephen Colbert

What does Rob Gronkowski do in his spare time? He dresses up as iconic video games characters of course. The Patriots tight end showed up to do some trick-or-treating on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week dressed as the video game character Master Chief from Halo to promote the new Halo 5: Guardians video game released this past week for Xbox One.

In the video below you will see Gronk, dressed in an authentic Master Chief costume as he hands out some copies Halo 5, pour candy all over himself and defended himself from a little ballerina who was critical of his play week four against Dallas.

I was just waiting for Gronk to smash the candy or video game on the floor like he does with the footballs he scores with each game. Does he do that? Watch the video to find out.

Don’t Let The Holiday Foods Sneak Up On You

As we indulge ourselves with pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin bread, and anything that pumpkin will mix with this fall we are getting ready for holiday parties. First it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas followed by New Year’s Eve. For each of those holidays you will be going to party after party. What do they serve at those parties? Usually it is food that tastes great, but does a number on your waistline. The question that is posed to all of us is how can enjoy these holidays, but not blow up like a hot air balloon?

One way is moderation mixed with eating right and exercise. It sounds easy enough, but that is tough to find time every day to hit the gym. So with that being said instead of wanting a box set of blu-rays that you won’t watch how about putting one of the following programs on your Christmas wish list. Your body will thank you for it.

Here is a list of programs and healthy food programs that are great gifts to give to others or yourself this holiday season. For all the info go to


Stop dreading the workout and enjoy the fun instead! CIZE (“The End of Exercize”) developed in collaboration with celebrity trainer Shaun T incorporates the hottest dance moves seen in today’s music videos and artists on the radio, breaking down each step so participants are challenged from each workout to the next as they build upon the last, leading into full dance combinations where they can really learn to “throw down.”  Get fit in as little as four weeks.

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In Beachbody’s latest release, celebrity trainers Sagi Kalev of Body Beast® fame and Autumn Calabrese, creator of 21 Day Fix® and 21 Day Fix Extreme® have teamed up for the Master’s Hammer and Chisel, a program designed to rapidly build, chisel and refine a “masterpiece” physique in only 60 days.

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Simple cooking for even the pickiest eater, FIXATE, developed by Autumn Calabrese, celebrity trainer and busy mom – is filled with 101 delicious recipes, portion-controlled recipes to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level.  In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, FIXATE offers fresh new ideas for skinny cocktails and desserts and features a number of vegan, vegetarian, paleo and gluten-free selections. A great budget gift too!

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It takes just as little as 21 Days to change a habit. One of Beachbody’s most-popular programs from celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese combines fitness and nutrition for quick transformations thanks to the program’s easy-to-follow, 30-minute, boot-camp-style workouts paired with a color-coded portion-control system to eat right and keep off the weight.

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After all that holiday party indulging, get back on track with Beachbody’s 3-Day Refresh. Whether you want to lose 4-5 pounds to get back in your favorite pair of jeans or feel lighter, leaner and cleaner, the 3-Day Refresh can help you get there. The easy-to-prepare shakes and clean meals are designed to help you lose a few pounds and not feel deprived. Why juice it when you can eat real food?

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Want to get faster, better results from your workouts?  Beachbody’s new Performance line can help you push harder, last longer, and reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness for faster recovery. An easy-to-use online product recommender helps you decide which Beachbody Performance products –pre-workout energy (Energize), during-workout super hydration (Hydrate), post-workout muscle recovery (Recover), and an innovative overnight muscle repair supplement (Recharge) — are most appropriate based on your current weight, personal goals and type of workouts.

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Don’t go it alone! If you’re tired of getting in the same old fitness rut, Beachbody LIVE classes are offered in a group exercise format at your local gym.  Join friends or make new ones at locations across the country offering CIZE LIVE, P90X LIVE, Insanity LIVE, PiYO LIVE and more.  Find a class or learn how to get certified at


No time to get to the gym?  Beachbody has you covered. With access to Beachbody’s workouts on the go from any device, the new Beachbody On Demand streaming service provides access to a library of workouts with proven results including P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Body Beast, and Brazil Butt Lift, among others, from celebrity trainers including Tony Horton, Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese, Chalene Johnson and Sagi Kalev.  Get hundreds of workouts, nutrition plans and support groups, with new content arriving regularly.

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Want a lean, defined physique without jumps, weights or strain on your joint? Piyo is a fusion of strengthening Pilates and yoga-inspired moves with an amped-up pace for serious fat burning cardio and muscle toning all in one. Led by renowned trainer and best-selling author Chalene Johnson, in just 60 days of 20-45 minute workouts you can get the intense core strengthening of Pilates, the complete sculpting benefits of yoga and the rapid calorie burn of cardio with just one low-impact, high-intensity program.

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Looking to burn fat, carve lean muscle and transform your body this holiday season? Let Body Beast help get you in the most incredible, jaw dropping, and physically strong shape of your life without expensive gym equipment or memberships – in just 90 days! Give this hardcore, unapologetic workout a try.

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Want an hour’s worth of results in just 25 minutes? Who doesn’t! Insanity creator Shaun T. will guide busy fitness enthusiasts through an intense ten-week program, in what is arguably the most time-efficient home workout program. By exerting maximum effort in a short period of time, Focus T25 will deliver body-sculpting results in no time.

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A crowd-pleaser for all fitness levels and ages, celebrity trainer Tony Horton’s P90 program helps you get into shape with shorter workouts that are simple, doable, and less extreme than the P90X series, but still just as effective. Whether you’re re-starting your workout regimen or looking to maintain your current fitness level, get great results in just 90 days.