The Predator Is Now Playable In Mortal Kombat

The latest Mortal Kombat X downloadable content is fantastic. For those like me who are a big fans of the Predator movies we just got a new character to play. The Mortal Kombat X: Predator / Prey adds three new character skins. One is so awesome. You can play the character of Jax, but in the style of Carl Weathers as he appears in the Predator movie. Plus there is a commando-style Johnny Cage, and an infrared Scorpion.

The DLC has been available since last week for anyone who owns the Kombat Pack season pass, but is now available to everyone! Enjoy!

Chuck Palahniuk Will Be in Fight Club 2 For Dark Horse Comics Mini-Series

Today Dark Horse Comics announced some freaking awesome news. Bestselling novelist Chuck Palahniuk will be a character in the acclaimed ten issue FIGHT CLUB 2 mini-series, which is written by Palahniuk, illustrated by Cameron Stewart and colored by Dave Stewart, with covers by David Mack. Issue 3 of the series, on sale July 22, confirms Palahniuk as a character in the series, where he will be a reoccurring presence along with his iconic creations Tyler Durden and Marla Singer. Issue 4 of the series promises to further up the ante and the antics with an appearance by members of Palahniuk’s real life writing group, including the novelists Chelsea Cain, Monica Drake, Lidia Yuknavitch, Suzy Vitello and Diana Jordan.

“Literary critics claim that Ken Kesey’s mental hospital in CUCKOO’S NEST and Toni Morrison’s plantation in BELOVED represent those authors’ post-graduate writing workshops,” said Chuck Palahniuk. “To prevent anyone from thinking my own workshop is either a support group for the terminally ill or a bare-knuckle mosh pit, I’ve included it in FIGHT CLUB 2.”

“Consider FIGHT CLUB’s cultural impact, and you have to imagine its impact, and Tyler’s impact, on Chuck himself,” said Dark Horse Comics Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie. “Fans sometimes blur the line between the artist and the work, and having lived with these characters for twenty years, Chuck’s diving head on into it here. Authors from Philip Roth to Bret Easton Ellis to Grant Morrison have popped up in their own work before, but Chuck’s taking it into all new territory, doing what he always does—giving you an experience no one else can provide.”

“By openly acknowledging the mechanics of film, David Fincher made his version seem more real and more mythic at the same time,” said Palahniuk. “By dragging my own creative process into FC2 I’m doing the equivalent of demonstrating splices, reel change-over marks, film breaks and rattling the film in the movie projector gate.”

WWE Shows Why They Are Always Playing The Role Of The Good Guys

Fans of the WWE know that even though a WWE Superstar might be good guy or play the villain in the ring they are all great people with caring hearts outside the ring. This past Sunday night, in Roanoke, VA, WWE and the Dream Foundation teamed up so that a WWE fan battling lung cancer could have his dream fulfilled.  Kenneth Fulcher Sr. was able to attend the show and meet with some of his favorite WWE Superstars and Divas.

For one night, cancer was not on their mind, as WWE Superstars came in, one by one, to greet Fulcher and his family and brighten their spirits. Kisses from WWE Diva Cameron, and a bear hug from Ryback made their situation the last thing on their minds. Just before showtime, the Fulcher’s favorite wrestler, Roman Reigns, stopped by to meet his biggest fan.

For the WWE Superstar, it’s a moment that is uplifting to him as well, saying “When you can take a little bit of extra time to connect personally with somebody, and make a friend. That’s what’s awesome, the friendships, the relationships. That’s what you take with you.”

If you like what the WWE Superstars are doing than make sure you vote for them for the Athletes Gone Good program. Along with LeBron James, Ronda Rousey, Derek Jeter, David Beckham, Andy Roddick, Jeff Gordon and Tiger Woods, the following WWE Superstars and Divas have been nominated:

Stephanie McMahon

John Cena

Big Show

Nikki Bella

Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan

Titus O’Neil

Mark Henry

Roman Reigns


Randy Orton

DoSomething.org, one of the largest global organizations for young people and social change. Inspired by the success of Celebs Gone Good, DoSomething.org is launching Athletes Gone Good to celebrate athletes across the world, including WWE Superstars and Divas, who are bringing their A game to their sport and to support causes they care about.

The winners of Athletes Gone Good will be compiled as a result of a three-part methodology:

1. Votes and nominations from the public.

2. The athlete’s influence on social media.

3. The advice from the Athletes Gone Good Advisory Committee. Fans can click here and enter their vote before Friday, July 31. The winners will be announced on Thursday, August 6.

“Athletes make a huge impact on culture. At DoSomething.org, we’re elevating and celebrating athletes who have decided to use their impact for good. With the launch of Athletes Gone Good, we’re giving fans an easy way to champion for their favorite socially active athletes,” said Naomi Hirabayashi, CMO at DoSomething.org. Vote for your favorite @WWE Superstar or Diva for @dosomething’s Athletes Gone Good Awards!

Paul Rudd Gets His Own Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

I think it is safe to say we are all big fans of Paul Rudd. From “Anchorman” to “Wet Hot American Summer” to now as his lead role in Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Rudd has always had memorable roles and quotes in a ton of movies.

Today, Paul Rudd was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in front of the historic El Capitan Theatre! His “Ant-Man” Director Peyton Reed and co-star Michael Douglas were both on hand for the celebration. Congrats Paul….it is well deserved.

Make sure you check out “Ant-Man” when it hits theaters July 17th!