The Vikings Look To Storm The Gates!

There are only three episodes left of VIKINGS Season 3! This Thursday, April 9 at 10 p.m you will get to watch Episode 8 called, “To The Gates!” The Viking army embarks and Paris goes into lock down as the army prepares the defense, overseen by Count Odo.  The Vikings are determined to make it through the gates of Paris and conquer the city; they will stop at nothing to succeed.

Sean Malto Helps Mountain Dew Heat Things Up

One of Hollywood’s hottest directors, Justin Lin (known for his work directing The Fast & The Furious franchise and the upcoming Star Trek 3 film) is working with DEW athletes Scotty Lago (Olympic snowboarder) and Sean Malto (professional skateboarder) in two ads that will air around the world.

In this video watch what happens when Sean Malto mixes a skateboard, duct tape and a bunch of matches.