Budweiser Is Looking To Hook You Up With Free Concert Tickets

Summer concerts are going to be here faster than you think. To kick off the summer right Budweiser is hooking you up with a chance to win tickets for a free concert in NYC. Jay Z’s Made in America music festival is making its debut in New York City: at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.  On Sunday, June 21, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and nine-time Grammy Award winner Mary J. Blige will return to her hometown for a one-time free concert event as a prelude to this year’s epic Budweiser Made in America festival. Fans can enter to win tickets at Budweiser.com/BMIAStatueofLiberty.

This music moment comes as a result of Budweiser’s historic partnership with The National Parks Foundation to bring bigger, better experiences to fans as America’s macro-beer. The event also encourages a younger demographic to become the next generation of national parks enthusiasts through the Find Your Park movement.

This year, America’s King of Beers will be delivering a series of unparalleled fan experiences during its expansion of the successful festival, curated by music legend Jay Z.

Jurassic World Delivers Special Cargo To London

Dinosaurs were seen at London’s Waterloo Station. Well not really, but there was a fantastic prank done by the people promoting “Jurassic World.” There was a crate made to hold “predatory livestock” for Jurassic World’s fictional InGen Technologies.

With the film’s opening weekend just a week away, Universal Pictures is clearly stepping up its game with some sick advertising.  They even teamed up with Dairy Queen to create a Jurassic Smash Blizzard.

People were making Universal Pictures happy by flooding social media with pictures of the cargo crate! Well done guys! I can’t wait to see this film!

Maybe here in the states we will see our own InGen transports and equipment. One can only hope!