How To Make Political Debates Better

One step is all you need. It is having the people over at Bad Lip Reading poke fun at the possible candidates. Bad Lip Reading has a huge following on YouTube ever since people saw how they would dub new audio over sports and movie clips. Granted Donald Trump alone makes the debates funny, but this video multiplies the laughter.

This video is five minutes long. It was uploaded this past Wednesday and has already gotten over 2 million views.

Super Hero Movies That Are Not So Super

With recent hit films like “Avengers,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “Ant-Man” we have come to take comic book films for granted. The good folks at i09 have put together the most cringe-worthy scenes in comic book movie history. You can check out their complete list by clicking here! We also put the video they made below. Check out some of the saddest moments from the super hero films.

Green Bay Packers Eddie Lacy Trades In His Cleats For A Saw

Eddie Lacy took a break from training camp and tried his hand in the sport of lumberjacking. He got some help from competitive lumberjacks Shana Verstegen and Cassidy Scheer at the Paul Bunyan Northwood’s Lumberjack Show in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Lacy did some pole climbing, the two-man cross cut saw, and axe throwing.

This was part of the Gatorade Beat the Heat program, which aims to educate athletes on the importance of heat safety and staying hydrated during the hot summer months. Not only is Lacy now equipped with a new skill set, but he also learned firsthand that lumberjack athletes compete in similar conditions as football players – outside in the hot and humid weather, while losing a lot of sweat during training and competition.