Looks like Goose Island Beer might be featured this Sunday. Goose Island has always been inspired to dream as big as the city it grew up in. 30 years in, the folks at Goose decided they’re ready to tackle the world’s biggest stage, the Super Bowl. So, they threw the big guys over at Anheuser-Busch a hail mary.

The two guys in the spot, Greg Hall and Todd Ahsmann, epitomize the buddy-story. Best friends since first grade, they’ve been with Goose since day one; Greg, as co-founder, Todd as bartender in the original brew pub. 30 years later, Todd is president of Goose with Greg right by his side as they swing big for the brand. Merci aux pilules orales anti-impuissance comme Viagra ou Kamagra . Les hommes n’ont jamais été aussi ouverts sur leurs actes sexuels.

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