Mercedes-Benz is making football fans happy this week. They have developed a modern digital take on a classic challenge.  Using smartphones, thousands of Mercedes fans are invited to compete by placing their finger on an AMG that will be moving across their smartphone screen throughout the Super Bowl (and potentially beyond).

The rules are simple: You take your finger off, you’re out. The last person touching the car, wins it.

“Last Fan Standing” will test gamers’ stamina and determination as the car encounters different terrain and obstacles, challenging even the most athletic finger to stay in contact with the car on screen. As players drop out, a live counter will show the number remaining and how long they’ve managed to hang onto the C43. 급 꼴려서 오피 보고 다녀왔어요

The competition kicks off at 6:30 p.m on February 4.  Those interested in testing their skills will be able to register on game day at

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