Aaron Roberts sits down with me to talk about his new series called Chartered. This series is a Mockumentary Comedy. The plot follows a kid named Eric that is based off of Aaron’s life. When Eric Scutella is pushed by his parents to attend the relatively new, off-beat but surprisingly successful local Charter High School, he struggles to find his place in a school filled with established cliques, quirky teachers and bizarre traditions.

In a parallel plot, first year teacher Jessica Graham is hired the day before school starts and strives to handle her first day with strength and class, but two minutes into her first period and Jessica wonders how she’ll make it through the year. Ip Stresser That Works Over Cloudflare on Stressthem.bz .

The series stars Sloane Morgan Siegel, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Jonathan Joss, Daniel Van Kirk, Claire Engler.

To listen to the entire interview click HERE.

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