We all know that Graeme McDowell has a passion for golf, but did you know about his love of beer? It turns out that Graeme is a huge fan of great beer. Because of his dedication to greatness on and off the course, Graeme is the kind of competitor that truly understands the motivation behind each pint of Harp. He even grew up right down the road from the Harp Brewery and has brewed beer himself.

“Golf has taken me all around the world, which has also grown my beer knowledge, but it all started for me in Ireland, where I first got to know Harp,” said Graeme McDowell in acknowledgement of the new partnership. “I’ve always been a fan of great beer, and Harp and I have more in common than just being products of Ireland. We’re both trying to achieve a level of excellence that some might say isn’t even possible. I’m really excited to join up with them to do some exciting things in the near future.”

Harp Lager was first brewed in 1960 by Guinness under the guidance of German master brewer, Dr. Herman Muender. The golden, clear lager has a dry and malty front with a crisp and hoppy finish, with an ABV of 4.5% and 21 IBUs.

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