It’s cold outside. Even in Los Angeles. Thanksgiving is next week and we’re in full-blown holiday mode, folks. There’s no getting around it. You can’t leave the house without a jacket anymore. Beach plans are on hold for the foreseeable future. Winter is most definitely coming.

But that doesn’t mean you have to abandon sunshine entirely. Is that what Jimmy Buffett would do? Of course not. If you invited Jimmy Buffett to a holiday party, the guy’s not going to show up with a six pack of dark winter brew. Buffet would arrive with a tropical style lager of some sort. And you know what? You should to the same thing.

This holiday season, don’t greet the bitter cold with an overly hoppy winter ale. Choose something lighter, sunnier. Something that reminds people of warmer times; happier times when jackets could be left at home and board shorts could be worn any/everywhere. This season, go against the grain and arrive at your holiday shindig with the beer that took home the 2015 gold medal for tropical style lager from the North American Brewers Association, LandShark Lager.

LandShark is like a mellower Modelo. It’s more savory than a Corona. It’s light without being water-like. It goes down easy and breezy and it makes you want to avoid closed-toed shoes. It’s one of those beers that are best consumed in groups – groups of bottles for groups of good people. LandShark replaced Corona as the official beer of Margaritaville back in 2006, so you know Jimmy Buffett approves. It’s brewed in Jacksonville, Florida and the 4.6% ABV brew is part of the Anheuser-Busch family.

LandShark goes great with lime or just on it’s own. You can pair this brew with tacos or jerk chicken or fish or plantains or anything that takes you to a happy beach-like environment. While it goes without saying that most beers are best served extra cold, it’s especially true for this island lager. The colder, the better, no matter what the forecast says.

While other folks might reach for dark and heavy beers or bitter pales that pucker up your palette, choose sunshine instead this holiday season. This stuff is readily available at any BevMo, but if you want to find the closest LandShark near you, use the official site’s store locator.

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