Some people are on their phones way too much. I am one of those people. It’s not like I’m crazy anti-social or anything, but between all the calls, music streaming, PFT reading, texting, emails and crushing candies, a full cell phone charge in the morning isn’t likely to last an entire day. Sure, you can charge your phone at home, at work, in the car and all that, but we all have those days where we need more juice. And as phones get even more smarter, they need for constant charging becomes that much greater.

Enter the myCharge RazorPlus. This portable lithium-ion power bank packs a serious punch for such a small package. Slim, lightweight and easy to stash, the Razor Plus fits just about anywhere. Heading out for the night? Toss this thing in your lady’s purse. She won’t even know it’s there. Living the single life? No worries. This thing is comparable in size to a sleek cell phone. You can drop it the pocket of your jeans and still have room for other carry on items in your pants – like keys or that Costanza wallet you insist on carrying around with you.

The RazorPlus provides up to 13 hours of additional talk time for your smartphone. You can hook up your tablet or your sweet headphones or whatever else you lug around that could use an extra battery boost by the end of the day.

I love that this thing comes with a USB cord, too. Sure you have like 5-10 of those already, but they’re already hooked up to other things, right? When manufacturers assume that you don’t need an additional USB cord to go with your new digital toy, that irks me. The folks at myCharge know this, so they include an appropriately sized cord that you can easily pack with you RazorPlus.

You can find these things online for like $40. Think of how much you’ll use it, though. Day trips, late nights, flights, BBQs, sporting events, train rides, hours of Spotify and Candy Crush tournaments – you get the idea. For as much as you spend on your smartphone – both time and money – dropping $40 to make sure that thing stays on when you need it seems like a no-brainer.

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