Lexus just made going to YouTube a whole lot better. I just checked out their latest video called “Lexus Elevate.” It is a fantastic video that gives you a 360-degree film experience as they used the Samsung Gear VR + Samsung Galaxy S6. They look to tell the story of why pro cyclist Christian Vande Velde loves the sport.

In this video Lexus shows us that virtual reality isn’t just a gimmick but a credible filmmaking technology. “Lexus Elevate” is the next step in virtual reality. It’s not just a technical experiment using 360-degree video technology or a simple single camera setup but has a beautiful narrative that puts you in the mind and saddle of one of the world’s greatest cyclists from an unprecedented perspective. Advertising agency of record Team One and production studio UNIT9 helped develop the filmmaking techniques and produce the film.

Plus for all you cycling fans out there who are going to the U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado can experience the film using Samsung Gear VR from August 17–23, 2015 at the Lexus Finish Festivals. For more info click here!

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