Typing without a keyboard sucks. Whether you’re working on a smartphone with tactile keys like a Blackberry or a touch screen on an iPhone or iPad, typing anything at length can be a challenge when you’re working with small keys or sensitive touch pads. Add in a bad case of sausage fingers, and you can forget about typing anything over 50 to 100 words.

That’s why they make devices like the Zippy BT-500 Compact Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard from AVS Gear. This keyboard is deceptively efficient. It’s lightweight and tiny enough so you can lug it around easily. It weighs 320grams (with batteries) and it’s 225 mm long, 99 mm wide and 23.5 mm high. But despite its miniature form, it still feels sturdy. You feel like this thing can withstand a few drops on the ground and keep on ticking.

The keys occupy a small surface area, but they aren’t too close together and they actually have some decent resistance behind them. When you press the keys down, you can actually feel it, almost like an old school clicky keyboard. If you stroke the wrong key, you’ll now it right away. And you’re not going to accidently mistype O, P, K, comma, semicolon and period because you were targeting an “L.” Each key occupies its own clear space and the tactile give and take allows you to bang away at this thing with a pretty high degree of precision.

The Zippy BT-500 is a wireless device that utilizes Bluetooth 2.0 technology. It has a range of up to 10 meters, and you can connect the thing to up to six Bluetooth devices at once. The keyboard has a one-touch fast switch option that lets you cycle through different Bluetooth devices in seconds. It comes equipped with two AA batteries which should last the average user about two months.

If you’re an aggressive typist, you can pound the keys on this thing without thinking twice about it. There are little rubber stoppers on all four corners so you get some solid traction on whatever surface you type on. You can flip the switches in the back if you prefer some lean on your keyboard surface.

The Zippy BT-500 Compact Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard retails for $49.99. If you use your smartphone, iPad or other Bluetooth enabled device to type anything over 50-100 words, do yourself a favor and pick up the Zippy BT-500. It’s slightly bigger than your hand, but it’s a sturdy, compact package that’ll save you time and cure your smartphone sausage finger syndrome.

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