I remember some nights during my college years where my roommates and I would just sit on the couch. We were waiting for something to kick start the night. It was almost like a delivery guy was going to bring the party to us. How cool would that have been? Well today, college kids can rejoice as Mountain Dew announced that Kicks the Koala is making house calls to rescue you from the lame and open you to the awesome.

That’s right, in the know college students will have a chance to have a human-sized koala named Kicks and his Hype Crew kick start their night simply by sending a tweet to the Mountain Dew Twitter handle – @mtn_dew – using the #GimmeKicks hashtag within the Tweet. Why? Because, who doesn’t want to hang with a 6-foot, party-rocking Koala?  Please see images of Kicks being Kicks below.

Winners will be selected and notified via direct message immediately upon selection and Kicks, the most interesting human-sized Koala in the world, will arrive shortly – supplies in hand to kick start the night.

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