Sneakerheads and Kicksologists are looked on by others as a different sort of breed. My passion for sneakers started up when I was in middle school. The Air Jordan V was the hottest pair of kicks around at that time. Even the Fresh Prince would rock them in Bel-Air. I never got a pair of the AJV’s, but I did score the Bo Jackson Nike SC Trainers.

From then on I was always fascinated by what sneaks NBA players were wearing. Now more than ever the shoe game has gotten as big as a line outside a Footlocker for a Jordan retro release. People are loving the fact that things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram exist. It now allows them to show off their collection or the pair the just scored after waiting five hours in front of a computer on a Saturday morning waiting for their kicks to go into the virtual shopping cart. Some understand this. Others are shaking their heads. We all have our passions. Some of us just love sneakers.

One company is helping to spread the love of kicks in a very sweet way. The SneakGeek is a site that takes the love for sneakers to a whole new level. This site has phone cases, key chains, USB drives, air fresheners, clothes, and you guessed it shoes.

Recently I stumbled upon this site. (Don’t know why it took me so long actually.) As soon as I saw these phone cases I wanted one. No matter if you have an iPhone, Samsung, HTC and in some “cases” (see what I did there?) iPads you can show off your love for kicks in a whole new way.

I got the iPhone 5c case with the Air Jordan XIII design. The case protects the phone. It is durable and the colors jump right off the case. To match the case I also got the AJ XIII key chain and air freshener for the car. Sneak Geek sells cases with the designs of Air Jordans, Foamposites, Air Yeezy’s, Kobe’s, and LeBron’s and more.

So for those of you looking to take your sneaker game to a whole new level check out Better go check it out now because just like some kicks being released on a Saturday these cases at SneakGeek sell out fast.

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