We met up with former Seattle Seahawks fullback Mack Strong during the Ultimate Seattle Seahawks experience that was sponsored by Degree Men. It was part of an adrenaline-filled weekend that included time at the Tough Mudder course, an interview with Bear Grylls, go cart racing and a tour of the Seattle Seahawks stadium, Century Link Field.

Mack was super chill. While hanging out on the field, Mack shared stories about his playing days, including a reference to his “welcome to the NFL moment” when Bill Romanowski dug an elbow into the back of Mack’s neck and pushed his face into the ground during his first NFL preseason game. Even though he was a fullback, Mack could still put some zip on the ball. He gave us a quick tutorial on how to throw an NFL football:

Even with the extra training, I still got worked in the passing drill. Thanks to the Degree Men Adrenaline Series, at least I smelled awesome while stinking up the joint with my errant passes. Fun times though!

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